Gargoyle Huntress

Book Cover Gargoyle Huntress
My name is Harlow, and I am the loser who got suckered into the worst job in history. I am a gargoyle huntress. Thanks to a tiny bit of vandalism, I now wrestle wayward bitey devils back to their perches at way-too-early o’clock. But lately, something has gone wrong. Gargoyles all over the country are flying the coop, if you will. When a handsome stranger blows into town trying to convince me that this is my problem, I'd rather tell him to piss off. But I don’t have a choice. My gargoyles are vanishing too--including the one that contains a real live demon who possessed me years ago. In order to get to the bottom of this strange disturbance, I have to strap on my boots and grab my trusty net. It's gargoyle hunting time.

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Author: Jen Pretty
Release date: 01.04.2019
4.60 (buy)
4.10. (read)
5.00 (read)

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