Chasing Wolves

When the Big Bad Wolf killed my family, he made one mistake.
He left me alive.

Now my wolf and I are gonna track his ass down, even if we have to fight our way through the Grimm City’s underbelly to do it.

There’s just one problem.

Or, three problems, rather.

Robin, the dashing leader of the Merry Men.
Peter, the bad boy leader of the Neverland Red Light District.
And Remy. A mysterious werewolf who has more secrets than the whole city combined.
And sure, they say they want to help me take down the Big Bad Wolf, but I’m starting to think they just may want more from me than they’re letting on.

And crazier still… I think I might just be okay with that, assuming, of course, they can learn to share.


Alpha Hell: A Dark Rejected Mates Romance

The alpha of hell is my fated mate and he rejected me.

I’m an outcast in my pack and have been since the day I was born. Shunned by most of the wolves around me, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble… until now.
Now The Alpha of Stormfire is hunting me, but he doesn’t want to claim me as his mate.

He wants me dead.

Forced to leave my old life behind, I have no choice but to go on the run. Luckily, The Demon Hunting Trials is the perfect place to hide, even if it comes with a few obstacles.

Such as their leader is a total jerk, a wolf is blackmailing me to be his friend, and I swear my new, sexy as sin partner is trying to get us killed.

With demons running amok and the alpha of hell searching for me, I hope I can live long enough to get my revenge.

18+ Dark reverse harem romance full with a sassy and sarcastic heroine who finds her match.


Music of the Night: A Gothic Romance

Phantom of the Opera meets Beauty and the Beast in this gothic-inspired dark fantasy romance.

A haunted tower, a mysterious instructor, and the lure of the music of the night. . .

After the death of her father, Aria is left penniless and destitute. To avoid working the streets, she becomes the ward of a Count and moves to a remote town called High Tower.

High Tower is a gloomy place with one vivid attraction: the theater. Lords and ladies come from afar to be seduced by a night of unforgettable entertainment.

Many are warned to stay away from High Tower’s dangerous enchantments, but it’s a warning Aria is forced to ignore. Determined to take her life back into her hands, she and the Count make a deal. She can avoid an arranged marriage if she learns to sing for him.

When Aria stumbles across a mysterious man in a dark tower, she begs to learn the power of song from him. Although reluctant, the man agrees to teach her the music of the night. Between midnight meetings and emotional singing lessons, Aria falls in love with her alluring instructor despite his shadowy past.

But something deadly stirs, awoken by the desire of its master.

Evening reveries become haunted with terror, blood, and murder. Rumors claim the man in the tower is behind the madness that haunts High Tower, a truth Aria is loath to believe. For she just gained the desire of her heart.

What she doesn’t know is that her haunted instructor intends to use her for his own purposes.

Music of the Night is a complete, stand-alone novel inspired by Phantom of the Opera. Perfect for fans of dark and steamy fantasy romance.


Cutter’s Mission (Valhalla Warriors Book 1)

An Immortal Biker Daddy walks into a bar…
Abbott McClain is on the run.
An infamous human trafficker and murderer is hot on his heels, and he has nowhere to go. When his car breaks down in a small Texas town, he has no choice but to seek help from a biker bar in the middle of nowhere. After a lifetime of rejection, he doesn’t want to trust anyone ever again. But when he meets a blue-eyed bear at the bar who promises him kindness and protection, he desperately wants to believe that this time things will be different.

James Alan Cutter is on a mission.

As a member of an immortal motorcycle club entrusted with protecting humanity, he shouldn’t be taking time off for romance. But something about Abbott stirs his Daddy nature.

When evil stalks the boy Cutter has fallen for, his brothers in arms come together to protect their love.

Cutter’s Mission is a 48K motorcycle club romance with an age gap, size difference, and hurt/comfort.


Cinders & Salt: Echoes of Ventlight Book 1

Do not go gentle into that ghouled night.

Valentine IX, orphaned son of Britannia and state-sanctioned executioner, sits in an Anatolian cell accused of a murder he did not commit. While such accommodations are hardly unfamiliar to the man he has become, this time is different. This time, Valentine is charged with the slaughter of a Germani princess a mere week before she was to be wed. And so—armed with nothing but pen and parchment, and filled with a nagging sense of duty—it is up to Valentine to set the record straight.

Thus begins the swan song of Valentine the Butcher, a tale of intrigue and betrayal set against the backdrop of an otherworldly metropolis on the fringes of a sprawling empire teeming with gravity-defying skyships, infernal monsters, systemic greed, and draconian double-agents. And it is here, amidst society’s seedy underbelly, that Valentine first encounters the foul curse that started it all—a plague known only to myth, tied to a legend that may never die.

In a world where naked flame is outlawed and monsters are common as cattle, the fate of humanity will hinge upon the ink-stained ramblings of an avowed arsonist. But you know what they say…

Ignis aurum probat.

Fire tests gold.

If you like Jim Butcher, Shayne Silvers, Kevin Hearne, Steve McHugh, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Shannon Mayer, or K.F. Breene, you won’t be able to put down the highly addictive Echoes of Ventlight.


This Broken Wolf

I am a wolf shifter cast into the hands of fate.
Captive. Wrecked. Undone by a bond I never expected.

Another wolf has me now, and I am his to ruin.

Tristan Masters, the ruthless alpha whose destiny threatens to destroy him, has sworn to come for me.
But if he does, he will put the lives of his entire pack at risk.

I am the spark that could ignite Tristan’s fury, but I’m strong enough to resist.

I will fight the pull of darkness that I sense growing inside me, my true nature that I’m only beginning to understand.

This dark wolf will not break.

Content information: This is a dark urban fantasy romance, the second in the Soul Bitten Shifter series. Recommended reading age is 17+ for sex scenes, mature themes, action violence, and language. Ends on a cliffhanger.

Scroll up and one-click your copy of This Broken Wolf.
Then complete the series with This Caged Wolf, the final book in the Soul Bitten Shifter series.

Feeder: A Dark Vampire Romance

When the veil is lifted, there are no boundaries.

Feeders are taught to do three things. Always eat what they are told. Never disobey. Lastly, never remove their veil. After all, who wants to look a lamb in the face before they eat of its flesh?

Ophelia Tamsin has been groomed most of her life to be a feeder. It means a guaranteed early retirement with plenty of pay…well, almost guaranteed. When Ophelia is chosen by a devilishly handsome lord to be his personal blood bank, she expects her life to get easier. All she has to do is live in a fancy mansion, fill her master’s cup when he needs it filled, and enjoy her new luxuries. But Kieryn isn’t like other vampires and his tastes extend far beyond the flesh.

Kieryn Phrost has always been indifferent toward the new vampire traditions that separate them from their human predecessors. After carelessly picking a feeder just to shut his loud-mouthed brother up, he finds himself strangely drawn to his veiled new pet. He knows that feeders are groomed only for taste, but when he drinks from her, he finds that he can experience much more. Ophelia Tamsin makes him feel dangerously alive and soon he finds himself yearning for so much more than blood.

If you like tall, dark, and handsome, you’ll love this dark romance. This book contains strong sexual content and some vampire-style violence. There’s no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Wings of Fury

From Emily R. King, author of the Hundredth Queen series, comes an epic novel of ancient Greece, Titans and treachery, and the women who dare to rise up against the tyranny of the Golden Age.

My mother told me that men would speak about the Golden Age as a time of peace and happiness for all… However, the women of our age would tell a very different story…

Cronus, God of Gods, whose inheritance is the world. Among his possessions: women, imprisoned and fated to serve. The strong-minded Althea Lambros controls her own fate and lives to honor her dying mother’s plea to protect her two sisters at all costs. Althea’s journey toward crushing the tyranny has begun. It is a destiny foretold by the Fates. And she is following their visions.

On the southern isle of Crete, hidden among mortal women who have fled the Titans, is the Boy God, son of Cronus and believed dead. He shares Althea’s destiny to vanquish the Almighty—fate willing. Because Cronus has caught wind of the plot. He’s amassing his own forces against Althea’s righteous rebellion and all those who will no longer surrender or run. There will be war. If she’s to survive to write their history, the indomitable Althea must soar higher than any god.



Cricket Kendall moved to Colorado expecting to learn more about her magic and heritage. Since befriending three hot werewolves from the local pack, things haven’t gone exactly as planned.

As her eighteenth birthday looms closer and closer, her magic and abilities grow stronger than she ever imagined they could. Theo, Hollis, and Cas do their best to help and support her, but tensions are high between the long-time friends. Between miscommunication, keeping secrets, and the tentative hope that one—or all—of them might end up being Cricket’s mate after her birthday, they can barely keep control of themselves.

However, a witch’s intuition is her greatest power. When Cricket learns to trust herself and her magic, she realizes things might not have to be so complicated.


Love Bites: A Limited Edition Collection of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Vampire Tales

In the darkest hours of night, vampires stalk their prey, intoxicated by the scent of blood.

Whether they’re bloodsucking fiends, savage beasts, or lords of darkness, the vampires in this collection of paranormal romances and urban fantasies by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors will satisfy your bloodlust and vampire cravings.

Because all too often…love bites.

Featuring vampire stories by:

Monica Corwin
Margo Bond Collins
Angel Kulig
Jen Ponce
Elizabeth Dunlap
Mirren Hogan
Leigh Kelsey
Beth Hogan
Tricia Schneider
Amir Lane
Selene Kallan
Jamie Campbell
Zoe Forward
C.K. Dawn
D.J. Shaw
Fatima Fayez
Caia Daniels

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