This spring we have tons of new books coming out. I’ve already added several to my never-ending reading list and I can’t wait to read them. I hope you’ll find some enjoyable reads here.

The Demon Tide

Nothing can stop the demon tide…

Newly exposed as the Black Witch of Prophecy, Elloren Gardner Grey is on the run, not knowing if she’ll find friends or foes. With her fastmate, Lukas Grey, either dead or in the hands of High Mage Marcus Vogel, Elloren knows the only chance of turning the tide of the coming war is to seek allies who will listen long enough not to kill her on sight.

In the Eastern Realm, Water Fae Tierney Calix and Elloren’s brother Trystan have joined the Wyvernguard to prepare for Vogel’s attack. But Trystan is fighting on two fronts, as the most despised and least trusted member of the guard. And Tierney’s bond with Erthia’s most powerful river has exposed a danger even more terrifying than the looming war.

The Black Witch is back, and the Prophecy is at hand. It’s time to fight. But Vogel has one more earth-shattering revelation for them all.

What We Harvest

For fans of Wilder Girls comes a nightmarish debut guaranteed to keep you up through the night, about an idyllic small town poisoned by its past, and one girl who must fight the strange disease that’s slowly claiming everyone she loves.

Wren owes everything she has to her hometown, Hollow’s End, a centuries-old, picture-perfect slice of America. Tourists travel miles to marvel at its miracle crops, including the shimmering, iridescent wheat of Wren’s family’s farm. At least, they did. Until five months ago.

That’s when the Quicksilver blight first surfaced, poisoning the farms of Hollow’s End one by one. It began by consuming the crops, thick silver sludge bleeding from the earth. Next were the animals. Infected livestock and wild creatures staggered off into the woods by day—only to return at night, their eyes fogged white, leering from the trees.

Then the blight came for the neighbors.

Wren is among the last locals standing, and the blight has finally come for her, too. Now the only one she can turn to is her ex, Derek, the last person she wants to call. They haven’t spoken in months, but Wren and Derek still have one thing in common: Hollow’s End means everything to them. Only, there’s much they don’t know about their hometown and its celebrated miracle crops. And they’re about to discover that miracles aren’t free.

Their ancestors have an awful lot to pay for, and Wren and Derek are the only ones left to settle old debts.

The Dragon Heir

Steel and vengeance…

Ember Ignis, the heir of House Draco, knows hatred. She’s grown up in it, reveled in it, under the watchful eye of her mother, Lady Verity. Second only in power to the royal family, Ember and Verity are practically untouchable.

That is, of course, until Verity goes missing, leaving Ember scrambling to find her mother as rumors of a powerful rebel group spread. Armed only with rumors and the assistance of a lesser son from a low house, she is willing to cleave the world apart to get her mother back.

All the while, the crown prince of House Phoenix, Asher Cinis, struggles with a crushing addiction that dulls the abuse he endures at his mother’s hands. He prepares to flee, to abandon duty and honor- until Juniper Farley, a new servant at the palace, steps into his life and sees him beyond the crown.

As Ember races to find her mother before the consequences turn deadly, and Asher struggles to choose between his head and his heart, they find enemies lurking in every corner, and that the brightest smiles hide the darkest secrets. 


An ancient magic. A secret garden. A deadly curse.

Haunted by her father’s unsolved murder, all sixteen-year-old Sophie wants is to keep a low profile. Instead, there’s a dangerous magic stirring in her veins… and she has no idea how to stop it.

After she accidentally puts her mother in a coma, Sophie is forced to move in with the elusive Delville family, whose historic French manor holds secrets even darker than hers. Their son, Gauthier, is dying from a mysterious illness, while deep in the abandoned garden, old ghosts are stirring.

As she struggles to control her powers, Sophie learns that she is Gauthier’s last hope. But when new evidence about her father’s death threatens to shatter their growing bond, she faces the ultimate dilemma: get revenge or save the boy she’s falling for…

…that is, if her blood doesn’t kill them both first.

Shadowstone Academy

My new powers are turning out to be more fun, and more dangerous than I ever imagined.

Everybody wants to BE ME or be on my team.

One way or another …

After rogue Watchers tried to kidnap me, I ran away back to my safe haven—New York City. But they only followed me with even more nefarious plans.

Now I’m starting to realize my new gift is more of a burden, because the bad guys just won’t leave me alone.

And I can’t help but wonder if the guy on the top of my Hot List is afraid of my power, or jealous of the gifts I’ve been given. Or maybe just a little over-protective.

Power struggles are the norm in my new world. But are the Watchers who keep chasing me really rogues? Or are they part of a bigger plan that will end up starting a war between the Watchers and the Guardians?

Oops! The secret is out about me.

Can I figure out how to fight off the impending war before someone tries to steal my powers?

We’re about to find out …

Rising City

Read the conclusion to the series Brandon Sanderson calls “imaginative, fast-paced urban fantasy.”

Now in possession of the artifact that has torn his world apart, Zan Mardova is still reeling from the discovery of a strange new magic, a connection with Ellie that challenges everything he’s ever known about typics and the Skilled. Before he can find his footing, Zan faces a new menace—a creature wearing the body of his old friend that is tearing across Italy toward Venice, leaving a trail of reanimated corpses in its wake.

Where there is power, there will be those seeking to use it. Zan means to use his power to create a better world for typics and Skilled alike—

But if he can’t stop what’s coming, it may already be too late.

Megan Walker and Janci Patterson have also collaborated on a romantic comedy series (The Extra) and an epic fantasy series (Godfire, with Lauren Janes, as Cara Witter.) Janci has also co-written books in Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward series (SunreachRedawn, and Evershore).

Death Ever Nigh

Katie McGuire’s first death wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be; getting up the next day was way more painful than the actual dying part. But it would really suck if she were to die a second time, because there would be no getting up from that one.

So it would be great if everybody could just stop trying to kill her and let her get on with the rest of her afterlife already. Instead, a preacher’s widow is lobbying to have her rights cancelled, a gang of moralizing zealots is stalking her, and Trenton‘s clan has brought in a legendary Vampire hunter from the Dark Ages to silence her forever. Oh, and Benny is dying, and keeping him alive may be the key to curing her own condition – if she can stick around long enough.

But unfortunately for Katie, Death is Ever Nigh.

Her Fated Alpha

I’m a vampire huntress. Yet I get imprinted on by a pack alpha.

I come from a long, extensive family of vampire hunters. I moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia to take care of my little sister, also a vampire huntress. But trouble calls me on speed dial and I discover a string of murders in town at the hands of a vampire.

This isn’t a normal vamp, though. He’s playing with dark magic, something I’ve never dealt with before. On top of that, there’s a wolf pack in town and their alpha, Tyler Perkins, has fallen head over heels for me. To make matters worse, my sister dies at the hands of the vampire.

Could my life get anymore effed up?

But in the pursuit of justice, I start warming up to Tyler and things get steamy between us. He helps me take on the vampire and his nest, who become a threat to his pack. I start to wonder if Tyler and I were destined to meet. As the fire and passion burn brighter than ever between us, I get my answer: he’s my fated alpha.

This is a fated mates paranormal romance book for audiences 17+ years old.

Vampire Captivated

My name might be Darcy, but this is no regency romance.

No, there’s far too many fangs involved for that.

Vampires aren’t supposed to be hiding out in the middle of the sunny Nevada suburbs, but then again, vampires aren’t supposed to be falling in love with humans, either. I’ve read enough romances pulled from the back section of library shelves to know that.

And yet…here we are.

If only the fact that the three sexy-as-hell LeBlanc brothers are basically blood-sucking serial killers was the biggest problem keeping us apart.

I came to Nevada to try and find some semblance of a normal life, but it isn’t long before a normal life is the last thing on my mind. How could it be, when it’s the prospect of forever literally on the line?

Vampire Captivated is the first in a new Paranormal Reverse Harem romance series. It starts out slow-burn with the promise of more steam to come.

The Universal Lycan

There’s a darkness in Sam Zarzden he can’t control.

Unlike the other Lycans in his pack who can communicate with their “wolf-half,” Sam’s shifts plunge his mind into blackness. He loses himself in a frenzied state of claws and teeth. For the safety of all those around him, he remains closed off from everyone.

Sam never believed it possible to unlock the mystery within him… until fate brings Nyssa into his life.

For reasons Sam can’t explain, she’s a calming presence that seems to soothe the beast within him. Traveling with a fae and platinum dragon, the trio speaks of the Universal Lycan and a prophecy forged in blood.

Their words unleash memories Sam long since locked away… which, when released, threaten to thrust him into a violent tirade once more. Is Nyssa’s presence enough to tame the raging demon within him? Or will Sam be lost to the darkness without ever learning his truth?

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