Once in a Blue Moon Chapter 9

Published 15 Nov 2018
by Anca Antoci

Once in a Blue Moon

This is a story I wrote back in 2012 as a FanFic for the TV Show Lost Girl.  For more info on the Lost Girl TV Show click here.

For those of you who are already familiar with the show, this story takes place somewhere between seasons two and three. This is Chapter 9. Click here for Chapter 1 or here for the index. Enjoy!

Chapter 9

Bo’s voice had Kenzi sobering up as though it were a cold shower and she quickly took stock of the situation: she was on Dyson’s bed, entangled with two hungry bodies. Bo was joining them on the bed, carefully putting a hand on Kenzi’s bare shoulder, holding her recognized the look. Bo was indeed hungry but there was more than hunger, Kenzi thought, there were genuine curiosity and amusement in her eyes. Bo must have thought that Kenzi did not belong there, and she was right. Once Kenzi came to her senses, she felt out of place. She gave Bo an awkward smile and popped out of the bed.

“You can take over, Bo…I’m done here,” she said, suddenly self-conscious of her current state: undressed. The human clumsily covered her breasts with her hands as she almost bumped into Hale.

“I can explain that…Later!” Kenzi cried with an urgency she did not know she possessed, running into the bathroom. Hale wiggled his brows in response and made it look like he was about to whistle.

Closing the bathroom door, Kenzi leaned against the wall, heart pounding in her chest like she had run a marathon. This was not like her, not in a million years would she have done what she just did. What surprised her the most was how amazing it had felt once she had given in to her feelings. Now that she had come to her senses, she wondered how on earth would she ever look Dyson in the eyes again. As if on cue, Dyson knocked softly on the bathroom door.

“Kenz, everything all right?” he asked, concerned.

“Um…yeah” her voice was strained, not knowing how to react, what to say.

“Your heart is pounding like crazy, are you in pain?” he continued.

“Um…not really…reality came crashing down…hard.” she tried to explain without going into detail any further.

“Oh…” He was the one at a loss for words for a change.

“I’m coming in,” he announced before opening the bathroom door and stepping in.

“I’m not decent,” she muttered, but he was already there.

“Kenzi, I’ve seen you naked before. Hell, I was fondling your breasts only moments ago and you seemed to enjoy it. And now we’re back to square one. You look mortified to be naked here with me. Why?” He asked, not understanding her mood swing. He remembered perfectly how she was gasping and moaning under his touch only moments before.

“Maybe because I’m naked? ” She answered in a tone that bordered sarcasm.

“Well, you still have your panties on, while I’m completely naked.” Dyson said while removing his boxers, “I’m naked and I refuse to be embarrassed about it. You’ve seen me naked before. Remember that time when I shifted to wolf form in the woods while looking for Bo? When I changed back to human, there you were, holding my clothes. You handed my clothes one by one and watched me get dressed. You were staring, yet I didn’t feel self-conscious for a moment. Now why’s that?” he questioned, folding his arms at his chest while waiting for Kenzi to say something. The way she blushed when he took off his boxers did not go unnoticed.

“Because you knew you looked like a god. After being alive for over a millennium, I’m sure it takes a lot more to embarrass you too.” While she spoke she was careful to keep her eyes on his face.

“Good answer. Now tell me what exactly that’s been bothering you. And don’t lie.” The way he looked at her told Kenzi that he was serious and that there was no way around it.

“Look, Dyson, you’re one of my best friends, and I really like you…a lot, and this ” she gestured between their naked bodies “this is one hell of a way to ruin a perfect friendship. I don’t want that to happen to us, I don’t want things to get awkward between us.” As she finished explaining her theory, Kenzi moved her hand to her stab wound and winced.

“What’s wrong?” Dyson asked.

“It hurts. I had almost forgotten the stabbing until now. It hurts pretty bad.” Kenzi gasped, holding her side. Dyson put an arm around her to steady her.

“It’ll be OK. You were high on adrenaline and now you’re crashing. That’s why you didn’t feel the pain until now.”

“I feel dizzy.” she slurred laying her head on Dyson’s chest.

“I got you, don’t worry,” he said holding her tight. He helped Kenzi sit on the toilet lid while he ran a bath for her.

“You really think a hot bath will help?” she asked keeping her eyes closed.

“It’s not hot, it’s warm…it should relax the muscles, make you feel better. And I’ll go fetch the painkillers,” he explained. Loud noises from the other room reminded them of the wild party in Dyson’s bed. He looked abashed for a moment and felt the need to apologize for the awkwardness created, even if he knew it was not his fault.

“I wish my bedroom was soundproof, but it’s not!” At this, she gave him a genuine smile and lazily opened her eyes.

“Don’t worry D man, it’s not going to ruin my innocence. Besides, after living with Bo for so long, my ears are already accustomed to this music,” she assured him maintaining her smile in spite of the pain.

“Yeah, I guess she is pretty loud, isn’t she?” Dyson replied.

“Oh, she’s not the only one I’ve heard. I could hear you grunt too, you know…” she trailed off watching his reaction. She knew she was teasing him and she liked that.

“Huh,…heard that too, didn’t you?” he said pensive, not quite meeting her eyes. If she did not know him any better, she would say he looked embarrassed for once.

“I’ll get your painkillers,” he said grabbing his boxers and leaving the bathroom.

Kenzi finished undressing and lowered herself into the tub. She did feel a little better but the pain in her side had yet to subside when Dyson came back with a glass of water and the bottle of pills that Lauren had left for Kenzi. “Are you feeling better?” he asked, concern obvious in his voice.

“Still hurts.” Dyson handed her the water and the pills.

“This should make you feel better.” Kenzi simply nodded and closed her eyes with a sigh,

“So, what’s going to happen next?”

“With us? Kenzi, we’re good friends. What happened earlier wasn’t because of love or even lust. It won’t get awkward between us because nothing changed. We haven’t changed. Am I wrong?”

“No, you’re right. It makes sense,” she added with a faint smile. “What’s going to happen to Rain now?”

“Rain is going to leave. I talked to Hale and he’s going to take her over the border, up north. And then she’s on her own.”

“You think she’s going to make it?” Kenzi asked obviously worried.

“Hard to tell. But I think she’s got a pretty good chance now.”

Kenzi smiled, “So…why did you help her anyway? I thought cats disgusted you. Yet, when she was fumbling with your zipper to get into your pants, you didn’t really look appalled. ” Kenzi’s smile turned into an impish grin.

“I didn’t say she disgusted me, I’m just not a …cat person. Besides, once you go past the smell, we’re just a man and a woman,” he explained with a shrug. “Anyway, the scent of a wolf is way stronger than human scent. So it was a tactical move on her side…” he added in Rain’s defense.

“She seemed intent on getting your scent all over her…starting from inside…” she trailed off maintaining the impish grin. Messing with him always made her feel better. It was like therapy, she thought.

Dyson burst into laughter. He was glad to see that she was feeling better. Their slight banter told him that Kenzi was on the mend. The pills must have kicked in because she was smiling and did not appear to be in pain anymore. They continued to chat for a while.

“The water has cooled off. Maybe I should get out now.” Kenzi pointed out her pruning.

“Here, I don’t have a robe, all I can give you is a large towel.” Dyson sounded apologetic.

“I’ll make do.” Kenzi stood with Dyson’s help out of the tub, stepping into the towel. “Shall we go break the party?” She asked wiggling her brows.

“The party’s broken. Rain is getting ready to leave.” Dyson filled her in, peaking through the ajar door.

“While the new fragrance is still fresh” she concluded.

“Now’s her best chance.”

Kenzi and Dyson left the bathroom and headed towards his bed. Rain was covered with the sheet, while Bo was now fully dressed.

“Kenzi, are you OK?” Bo rushed towards her.

“Yeah, BoBo…I’m fine. D man’s been taking good care of little old me.”

Clearing her throat, Rain’s voice caught their attention, “I hate to break the happy reunion, but I have nothing to wear.” Rain cleared her voice.

“Shit, I didn’t think of that,” Kenzi muttered.

“I think we’re the same size, I’m sure my clothes would fit you. Bo, would you mind going to the clubhouse and looking through my clothes. Maybe you find something for Rain.”

“Maybe that won’t be necessary. Hale left to fetch you some clothes. I told him where to look and to bring something comfortable, something other than stilettos and corsets. “

“Oh, thank you, Bo…You’re the best!” Kenzi replied, hugging Bo.

Moments later, Hale came in carrying a duffel bag.

“Hey little momma, you’re looking better. I brought you some clothes to feel comfortable in.” He said smiling.

“Thank you, Hale!” She wanted to really hug him, but she was self-conscious about being clad in nothing but a towel.

“Though the towel suits you pretty well. You don’t need clothes.” At this, she raised an eyebrow. He was pushing it and he knew it. Kenzi took the bag and went to Rain.

“Here! Let’s see what fits you.” She said rummaging through the items in the duffel bag.

“Thank you, Kenzi! You are one awesome human, you know! I’ve never met someone quite like you. I can see why the Fae around here want to be your friends.” Rain said with a sincere smile on her face.

“Aw, you’re just saying it ’cause it’s true!” Kenzi replied with a smile of her own.

They found something for her to wear and then Rain got ready to go. “I must go now before my newly acquired mixed scent wears off. Are you ready, detective?” Rain asked looking at Hale.

“Absolutely!” Hale answered with a curt nod in her direction.

“Well then, thank you all for your help. It’s been a blast! And wolf, take good care of your human. She’s a magnet for trouble.”

“Don’t I know it…” Dyson concurred under his breath.

“Wait! I’m not his human…” Kenzi said with a frown. Rain raised an eyebrow at Dyson. She had referred to Kenzi as Dyson’s human before and he hadn’t objected.

“I am not a pet. I am my own person.” Kenzi continued.

“Unclaimed human?” Rain wondered. That was unheard of.

“Well, technically I was claimed by Bo, just to put other Fae at ease…and to be safe,” Kenzi explained to Rain.

“You didn’t correct me when I assumed she was yours. I cannot help but wonder why…” Rain addressed Dyson.

“I might not be the one that claimed her, but in a way, she’s mine too…my friend.” Dyson tried to shed some light into this.

“Mine too.” Hale joined in the conversation raising his hand.

Rain watched them all surrounding the tiny human with affection. She was not a pet, she was definitely someone they all cared deeply for.

“It looks to me like she’s the one that claimed you all. Once in a blue moon, a human claims the Fae. Well Kenzi, I’d be honored if you’d consider me yours too.” She added with a wink in Kenzi’s direction. Then she left with Hale on her heels. Kenzi stood there in awe for a moment then shrugged her shoulders and moved to the duffel bag to look for some pajamas. Her eyelids were heavy and her brain needed some well-deserved sleep. Besides, she’s always known they were all hers.


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