Once in a Blue Moon Chapter 8

Published 14 Nov 2018
by Anca Antoci

Once in a Blue Moon

This is a story I wrote back in 2012 as a FanFic for the TV Show Lost Girl.  For more info on the Lost Girl TV Show click here.

For those of you who are already familiar with the show, this story takes place somewhere between seasons two and three. This is Chapter 8. Click here for Chapter 1 or here for the index. Enjoy!

Chapter 8

Dyson motioned to Rain to stay quiet and slipped away through the fire escape. A few minutes later there was a commotion in the hallway, followed by growls and groans. The sudden clamor of the hallway fight awoke Kenzi and she gasped, her heart pounding as a firm hand clasped over her mouth to keep her from screaming. Bright blue eyes quickly pinned on the owner of said hand.

Rain was nestled between pillows next to Kenzi, her hand keeping her quiet, her eyes intent on the door. Without shifting her gaze, Rain motioned to Kenzi to remain quiet and slowly removed her hand. For a split second, Kenzi forgot all about the commotion outside the door. She couldn’t tear her eyes from Rain, who was ready to shift if necessary. The young fae’s posture had changed slightly, her half-open mouth revealed the sharp tips of feline fangs, while her eyes turned an emerald green with elongated pupils. For a moment, Kenzi wondered if her eyes would glow in the dark. She would have to ask Rain about that later. The fight came to a stop and there was silence again before the door creaked opened and the sound of heavy footsteps broke the silence in the room. Dyson’s bed was secluded from the entrance, which gave Rain a few more seconds. She growled and hissing in warning.

From around the corner, Dyson emerged with a towel in hand, wiping some blood from his chest.

“It’s just me…” He said when he saw that Rain took a defensive stance in front of Kenzi, ready to pounce.

“What happened?” Kenzi asked in a sleepy voice. Rain cocked an eyebrow waiting for the explanation.

“Bounty hunters. Two. I didn’t recognize their scent. I don’t know what kind of fae they are. They’re gone now.”

“How did they find Rain? Who else knows she’s here?” Kenzi asked.

“No one but us and Hale. That’s not how he found her. There has to be something else…” Dyson concluded.

“Laelaps. The best bounty hunters are Laelaps.” Rain tried to shed some light.

“What the hell is a Laelaps?” Kenzi asked squinting her eyes.

“A different kind of shifter, an excellent tracker. A Laelaps never fails to catch what he hunts. They are extremely rare. I’ve never met one.” Dyson shared his knowledge of this type of Fae.

“What makes you think they were Laelaps?” he questioned.

“Educated guess. Two of the men I’ve killed were Laelaps.” Rain answered.

“Killed?” Kenzi asked in a high pitched voice. She had been asleep when Dyson had confronted Rain.

“Yes. Your friend here has quite the rap sheet.” Dyson added in a bemused voice.

“You…?” Kenzi trailed off, her eyes searching Rain’s for confirmation.

“Self defense.” Rain offered curtly and shrugged.

“If that’s so, you don’t stand a chance. Laelaps are pretty unstoppable and they always catch their prey. They may have other skills, but their ability to follow a scent, even across running water or when it is several days old, is a considerable amount more than any other shifter.”

“So that’s how he found you? He …smelled you?” Kenzi asked scrunching her nose slightly.

“Oh, yeah. A cat’s scent is pretty distinctive. She’s hard to miss even by my standards.”

“What do you mean? You are an excellent…police dog!” Kenzi said gesturing with her palms towards him. That made him chuckle.

“Yeah, well multiply that by 10…at least.”

“So what do we do?” Kenzi asked shifting her gaze from Dyson to Rain.

Dyson sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He appeared pensive for a moment, but then something clicked and gave them a wide grin.

“Ladies,…how about a threesome?”

The look on Kenzi’s face was priceless. Dyson couldn’t help but chuckle. Rain, however, didn’t seem outraged by the idea. She simply nodded in Dyson’s direction.

“I think it’s best if I take a shower first.” Rain said and disappeared into the bathroom.

“You were kidding, right?” Kenzi blurted out eying Dyson carefully.

“No. I’m dead serious,” Dyson added with a smile.

“You see, our bodies have a unique scent that can be easily tracked down by a Laelaps. The only thing we can do to throw him off is to mess with her scent. When aroused, both humans and fae release pheromones to attract their partner. That makes their own scent much stronger. Rain went to shower so that her scent will be the faintest. Our mixed scents should at least make it harder for the Laelaps to track her down. ” Dyson explained his theory.

“Look, I understand and I really want to help her, but a threesome?… Girls are really not my thing! I don’t think I can do this.” Kenzi said in a high pitched voice.

“We don’t have to go all the way, skin on skin contact should be enough to mix our scents. Rubbing onto each other will do the job. ” Rain replied returning from the shower clad in only a towel.

“Ah…a sight other men would pay to see!” Dyson chuckled to annoy Kenzi. She squinted her eyes at him.

“That makes it so much easier!” She said sarcastically to no one in particular.

“You’re strange, human! You go out of your way to befriend me, you get yourself stabbed trying to help me, yet naked hugging scares you to death.” Rain said in a bemused voice.

“Not the hugging, it’s the naked part that I find a little disturbing,” Kenzi muttered under her voice.

“How…human.” Rain concluded matter-of-factly.

“Let’s get this over with,” Kenzi said obviously uncomfortable and reached for the hem of her shirt. Before she got the chance to take it off, she felt Dyson’s hands on her waist. He was right behind her, breathing on her neck.

“Relax Kenzi, I got you. It won’t be so bad. I promise.” he whispered softly into her hair. He felt her tense under his touch and knew immediately that nothing he would say could make it easier on her. So he was done talking. He rested his hand on her shoulders and turned her to face him. She was startled by the suddenness of his movement and gasped. Dyson took the chance and claimed her open mouth. He put all the passion he could muster into that kiss, but Kenzi wouldn’t kiss him back. After a few seconds, Kenzi pushed him away. He could read the confusion in her wide-opened eyes.

“Easy there, wolf-man! I thought you said we had to transfer our scent onto her…so, what exactly were you just doing?” Kenzi asked in a high pitched whisper.

“You were tense, Kenzi. You need to relax. Since you’re not into women, it made sense that I would be the one to help you…open up. Kenzi, you need to be aroused so that your scent could overpower hers. And we already know that you are very responsive to my touch, hence…” he trailed off with a smirk.

“Do you have any idea how weird this is for me, Dyson?” Kenzi sighed in defeat.

“I know. Don’t think about it. Turn off your brain and go on instinct. It’ll be easier. Do you trust me, Kenz?”

She just nodded towards him.

“Then give yourself over to me. Don’t overthink it, just follow my lead. I’ll take good care of you.”

Kenzi sighed. His words made sense and she did trust him.

“Let’s not waste any more time, then.” were her last words before she locked lips with Dyson. Her kiss took him by surprise since he expected her to fight more. Her kiss was soft and clumsy, her whole body still tense. He knew this wasn’t going to work unless he took the lead. He broke the kiss only to look into her eyes. She was still uncomfortable with what they were doing.

“Stop thinking. Focus on what you’re feeling. Feel me…” he whispered rubbing his pelvis into her so that she could feel his hard-on. That did the trick and he felt her loosen up. He pulled her in his arms and she did not resist. She allowed him to kiss her and kissed him back. Her hands went to his hair and grabbed him for support. As he deepened the kiss, she felt his hand tug at the hem of her shirt. She willed herself not to think about what he was doing so she wouldn’t have second thoughts. She focused on what she was feeling. The soft stubble on his face was ticklish. She couldn’t help but giggle.

“Am I funny?” He asked planting small kissed on her jawline.

“Your beard tickles,” she explained

“Hmm…” he continued kissing her neck while his hand got busy under her shirt.

Their kisses became more passionate and the way his calloused palms kneaded the flesh on her hips created a sense of urgency that made her lose herself into the feeling. He had succeeded in making her stop rationalizing what was happening. She was finally going on instinct as he had told her, and she seemed to have pretty good instincts. Her hands made quick work of his shirt ripping it open and throwing it on the floor. He didn’t waste time either. He pulled her top over her head before she had the time to realize what was going on. His hands were everywhere at once, mapping out every inch of her flesh. That felt good and her body responded to his touch. He could feel her scent growing stronger, she smelled deliciously human. He growled in response, his own body reacting to her scent.

A sweet frenzy began and they were too lost in their rubbing on one another, mingling their scents, to notice the extra pair lips on Kenzi’s back. The moment she felt someone unclasping her bra, she remembered Rain and why she was doing what she was doing. She involuntarily tensed for a second acknowledging Rain’s presence, but then she willed herself to relax. She heard Rain whispering into her hair softly.

“Forget I’m here…focus on what you feel…” And she did. Kenzi closed her eyes relishing in the way she felt, and she felt amazing. Someone had undone the buttons of her jeans and now was taking them off. She kept her eyes closed, after all, it made no difference who was doing what. Small, soft hands, strategically placed at her waist, slowly turned her around and soft lips with no stubble around them claimed her neck. The small palms left Kenzi’s waist and moved to the small of her back, where Dyson’s groin was touching her. She felt those hands move and heard a zipper. The little minx was trying to undress Dyson while kissing her neck. Kenzi smiled wondering how on earth did she consent to this.

Soft lips moved from her neck to her mouth and gasped in surprise. For a split second, she wanted to protest because she hadn’t agreed to actually kiss another woman, just the naked hugging and body rubbing. But that split second was gone too fast to actually do anything about it because the kiss was so soft and sensual and unexpected. Kenzi felt her stomach flip and goosebumps form on her skin. She almost hated that her body was responding to another woman’s touch…almost. She was too far gone to care. She thought again about protesting when she felt Dyson’s fingers hooking beneath the hem of her underwear to pull them off. That was not part of their deal. Dyson felt her starting to tense and whispered in reassurance.

“Nothing that you don’t want to happen will happen… ” his voice was husky and the bulge in his boxers made it clear how he felt, what he wanted. Her own hands went to cover Dyson’s, stilling his motion.

“Mission…focus…” she tried to distract him from what he was doing to her. After all, this was about Rain, not her. He got the message and moved on to Rain, while Rain was still enjoying Kenzi’s slender body. Things sped up from that point on. Hands…so many hands were everywhere seemingly at once, and lips kissing and nibbling inducing a sweet frenzy that Kenzi thought was threatening her sanity. At some point in this whole madness, Kenzi found herself sandwiched between the two shifters who were moving at inhuman speed, stroking and kissing every inch of her exposed skin, eliciting soft gasps and moans that Kenzi couldn’t even try to stifle. The threesome moved to a more comfortable position on the bed, rolling and tossing, panting and growling, thoroughly mixing their scents together.

While they were all lost in the world of senses, the front door opened and in came Hale and Bo. Both came to a halt at the view that awaited them. Their presence went unnoticed. Hale smiled and raised his eyebrows. Bo cleared her voice to get some attention. At that, both shifters stopped immediately and turned their heads to look at the intruder, while Kenzi fought to catch her breath unaware of the audience.

Bo watched the party in Dyson’s bed with hungry eyes. They all showed up high on her lust radar, even Kenzi.

“You can’t just flaunt sex in front of a hungry succubus!” she said unbuttoning her shirt. Rain smiled, thinking that adding one more scent to her couldn’t hurt. Dyson extended his hand as an invitation thinking the very same thing.

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