Once in a Blue Moon Chapter 1

Published 06 Nov 2018
by Anca Antoci

Once in a Blue Moon

This is a story I wrote back in 2012 as a FanFic for the TV Show Lost Girl.  For more info on the Lost Girl TV Show click here.

For those of you who are already familiar with the show, this story takes place somewhere between seasons two and three. This is Chapter 1.

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Chapter 1

Bo was hurt so badly that she could barely walk. She looked at Kenzi. She was lying on the concrete floor curled in a fetal position.

“Kenz…are you ok? Talk to me…” Bo asked panting.

“Ugh…it hurts like a bitch!” Kenzi spoke.

Bo came closer and took a look at her friend who was cradling her left arm at her chest. There was blood on it. Kenzi forced herself upright supporting herself on her good arm.

“That…thing…bit me. It freaking bit me!” she shouts out raising her gaze at Bo. The sight shocked her.

“My god, Bo!… You need to heal…like super duper fast, girl!”

“I’m too weak…I can barely walk…”Bo said as she fell on her knees. Kenzi saw the look in Bo’s eyes. She knew that look. Bo was hungry.

“Ah…Bo Bo…I can see that you’re hurt really bad…and you look hungry…God, that is the worst combination possible… Ah…please say you won’t suck my chi to death!” Kenzi pleaded.

“Relax Kenzi! You know I’d never hurt you.” She looked Kenzi in the eyes.

“I know, Bo. I trust you. Now let’s get up and find you some…fast food…fast being the operative word!” Kenzi added while getting up, her left arm still cradled at her chest.

With a last effort, Bo tried to get up and failed.

“Oh, Bo…please tell me you’ll be all right” Kenzi pleaded now seriously freaked out.

“Kenzi…I need your help” Bo sighed and continued.

“Do you trust me?” her eyes met Kenzi’s.

“I trust you, Bo. Now tell me what to do!”

“I need you to kiss me…” Bo said with a strained voice. She was using all her resources not to pass out.

“Seriously?… You’re not making it up just so you can make out with me, are you? Cause you know I’m into guys, right?” Kenzi expected a laugh or at least a smile. But Bo didn’t even blink.

“I won’t hurt you Kenz, I can control myself. I need to recharge my battery a little, just enough to make it out of here. Then I’ll find someone…or several someones…to heal me.”

“OK, Bo. But if you kill me, I’ll be really mad at you!” she added as she locked lips with the succubus.

She didn’t know what to expect, but she definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it. She figured kissing another girl was a little bit on the gross side, but it wasn’t that kind of kiss. Their lips barely touched and she thought Bo tasted like apricots…and that felt good…and she felt lightheaded, yet she didn’t want that feeling to stop…ever. And suddenly everything stopped. She almost whimpered at the loss of Bo’s lips. When she opened her eyes, Bo’s electric blue eyes were turning back to their chocolate brown.

“Wow…”It’s all Kenzi actually managed to say.

“Thank you, Kenz…for trusting me” Bo actually looked better. She was able to stay on her feet now, but she still had a long way to heal.

“Are you OK Kenz?” Bo asked.

“Yeap…Feeling a little bit tired, but can I just say…WAW…that was freaking awesome!” She said emphasizing every word with her hands.

“Yeah, I get that…a lot! Let’s go now, I need more healing. I saw a gas station down the road… I could really use a fill-up… And I’m not talking about my gas tank.”

Kenzi smiled. Bo was going to be OK.

“You go Bo…take care of your…needs! I’ll catch up with Dyson and bring him up to speed.

“I’m not going to leave you here. You’re hurt. I’ll take you to Lauren.”

“Don’t worry Bo, all I really need is some anesthetic, which Trick will be happy to provide, antiseptic and some gauze. I totally got this. Now go!

“And what are you going to do? Walk?” Bo asked incredulously.

“No silly…I’ll take the subway. It’s like five minutes from here and I’ll get to the Dal in half-hour tops. I’ve got it covered.” Kenzi smiled.

“OK, Kenz. See you later!” Bo waved her hand and jumped in her car.

“Bye-bye!” Kenzi mused to herself and started to walk slowly across the parking lot of that abandoned building. What a day it had been. They were following a lead here and it almost got them both killed. Almost, she sighed to herself. But her musings were interrupted by a blitz attack. Something jumped on her back and pushed her to the ground sinking its teeth in her shoulder. She screamed and she fought as hard as she could but it wasn’t enough. She somehow managed to turn around and face her attacker. It was a dog. She blocked the vicious dog’s bites with her forearms screaming for help. Kenzi smiled bitterly at the irony of her fate. After fighting fae and monsters on a daily basis, she was going to die at the fangs of a dog. She doubted the feral creature was fae. Just a human…well not human, but an ordinary dog.

There was a snap and the attack stopped. Kenzi opened her eyes to see a woman holding the dog by the neck. Dead. She was happy to be rescued but still in shock…and in too much pain to move. So she just held still and stared at her rescuer. A petite woman, or girl maybe, because she seemed fairly young, with a slender frame and copper red hair was looking worriedly at her.

The girl scouted down at Kenzi. Her nostrils flares as she sniffed at Kenzi. And that’s when Kenzi knew. The girl was too small to be strong enough and brave enough to take down a big angry dog with her bare hands. She must be fae.

“It bit you pretty badly” the girl spoke after checking out Kenzi’s forearms.

“Know any wolves?” the girl asked hesitantly, squinting her eyes.

“Maybe…” Kenzi spoke, unsure what the right answer was. She didn’t want to give too much away, but she was sure the girl was fae, so the fae world wasn’t exactly a secret to her. The girl smiled. She understood.

“Call him. Have him lick you and you’ll be as good as new in no time!”

“Ewe…why would I do that?”

“That’s how shifters heal themselves…and others if they want to. Our tongue secrets a substance that speeds healing.” The girl was mildly amused by Kenzi’s ignorance.

“Wow…wait, you said our tongue…are you a wolf too?”

“No. I am a shifter… of the feline variety. And I smell several faes on you, of which I recognize a wolf, male…assuming you’re his, I suggest you make that call. You look like you’ve already lost a lot of blood.”

“Been in another fight…earlier…hurts… and phone got crushed…” her voice was slurring and she was fighting to stay awake. Kenzi had indeed lost a lot of blood and letting Bo feed on her left her barely conscious.

The girl took a phone from her pocket and handed it to Kenzi.

“Dial his number…now!” and Kenzi did as she was told.


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