Vivid Worlds, Badass Characters—"The Sapien Empire" Is a Genre Debut to Remember

Published 06 Feb 2024
by Anca Antoci

Title: The Sapien Empire
Author: Nathan Ogloff
Released: 06.02.2024
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Although you're mostly used to reading fantasy reviews here, you know I occasionaly show-off a sci-fi if I enjoy it that much. This is one of those days.

Book description from the back cover

Shindo Dacan is a socially awkward but gifted engineer who has made the most brilliant machines seen since before the All-Silence—machines that ruler Vibrun Magrite used in his creation of the Domain as he brought all four of the city-states within his iron grip. With the help of a friend of his, Shindo is secretly planning to provide prosthetic limbs to the many victims of the war his machines have waged.

When Magrite finds out and slaughters Shindo’s friend before his eyes, Shindo tricks Magrite into funding a warrior mech to wreak revenge and is unwillingly rewarded with a woman from Magrite’s harem, Jarim Alsaedon. With his mech machine and Jarim’s help, Shindo stages a coup d’état that leaves Magrite dead and him and his accomplice as platonic dual heads of state.

As Shindo and Jarim work to rebuild their civilization, they’re beset by factions both within and beyond the Domain’s borders. Can Shindo learn how to design a stable peace before the new world he’d envisioned becomes a wasteland of death and destruction?

My review

Nathan Ogloff's first book, 'The Sapien Empire,' is a post-apocalyptic rollercoaster ride with badass characters, unexpected turns, and killer dialogue that will keep any genre fan hooked.

In this dystopian world, we traverse alongside Shindo Dacan, an engineer striving to carve a path through a nightmarish future. The author's descriptions are so vivid, they make you question the path our society is taking.

The underlying message in ‘The Sapien Empire’ challenges you to reconsider your ways in the face of a world on the brink. Against a backdrop of good versus evil, the characters shine with distinct voices and behaviors. I can say that Shindo, with his compelling character arc, became my favorite without delving into spoiler territory. His journey gives the story a real human touch.

The vivid atmospheric descriptions and careful world-building draw you into the story immediately. Amidst the violence inherent in battle and the presence of a tyrant ruler, Ogloff strikes a balance, ensuring scenes are impactful without descending into gratuitous gore.

Engaging characters, gripping action, and an intriguing storyline ensure a steady flow in the narrative's pacing. I highly recommend 'The Sapien Empire' to those who love stories about tough warriors in a bleak future world. Ogloff’s debut is a thrilling addition to the genre, leaving readers eager for more.

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