Nathan Ogloff

Photo of author: Nathan Ogloff Nathan, hailing from New Westminster, British Columbia, discovered his passion for storytelling at an early age when he penned a few pages of a time-travel book in the third grade. In his view, the present era teeters on the brink between a magnificent future and a desolate landscape of decay, making it a captivating and pivotal moment. Through his narratives, which compel readers to introspect, Nathan aspires to cultivate a world founded on mutual understanding. While he might not be the most qualified person to solve the world's problems, Nathan believes that his writing could offer valuable insights to those who are. Beyond his literary pursuits, Nathan can be found expanding his heavy-metal Spotify playlist and constructing imaginative spaceships in Lego Studio during his leisure hours.

Books written by Nathan Ogloff

Title: The Sapien Empire
Released: 06.02.2024
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