Twisting Threads of Madness—A Review of Red Runs the Witch’s Thread

Published 16 Apr 2024
by Anca Antoci

Title: Red Runs the Witch's Thread
Author: Victoria Williamson
Released: 11.04.2024
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I can’t wait to tell you about another book authored by Victoria Williamson. As a reminder, I previously shared my thoughts on “The Haunting Scent of Poppies.” Today, I want to bring your attention to a recently published book titled “Red Runs the Witch’s Thread.” The cover drew me in immediately! It’s stunning! Also, having read and enjoyed another book by this author made it an easy decision. I feel privileged to be a part of The Write Reads’ blog tour. Now let’s take a look at the premise of this story.

Book description from the back cover

Paisley, Scotland, 1697. Thirty-five people accused of witchcraft. Seven condemned to death. Six strangled and burned at the stake. All accused by eleven-year-old Christian Shaw.

Bargarran House, 1722. Christian Shaw returns home, spending every waking hour perfecting the thread bleaching process that will revive her family’s fortune. If only she can make it white enough, perhaps her past sins will be purified too.

But dark forces are at work. As the twenty-fifth anniversary of the witch burnings approaches, ravens circle Bargarran House, their wild cries stirring memories and triggering visions.

As Christian’s mind begins to unravel, her states of delusion threaten the safety of all those who cross her path. In the end she must make a terrible choice: her mind or her soul? Poverty and madness, or a devil’s bargain for the bleaching process that will make her the most successful businesswoman Paisley has ever seen?

Her fate hangs by a thread. Which will she choose?

My review

Oh, what a wild ride! Inspired by Scotland’s final witch burning in 1697, Victoria Williamson’s "Red Runs the Witch’s Thread" delves into the depths of psychological horror. By seamlessly transitioning between two different time periods, Williamson creates a story that is simultaneously disturbing and highly gripping.

What I loved about it

This novel really shines when it comes to exploring the protagonist’s mental state. Christian’s descent into darkness is masterfully portrayed, with Victoria Williamson expertly capturing the complexities of her anguish and despair. The interplay between reality and hallucination is skillfully executed, drawing readers into Christian’s harrowing journey.

The dual timelines offer a fascinating glimpse into the past and present, providing crucial insights into Christian’s motivations and struggles. Williamson does a great job of bringing all these threads together, making the story rich in depth and complexity.

The psychological element of the story is particularly compelling, highlighting the profound impact of childhood trauma on an individual’s psyche. Williamson deftly explores themes of trauma, identity, and resilience, inviting readers to ponder the lasting effects of past experiences.

What Didn’t Resonate With Me

While Christian’s character is undeniably complex, her likability may pose a challenge for some readers. I pity her but it's not easy. However, this minor critique does little to detract from the overall strength of the narrative.


"Red Runs the Witch’s Thread" delves into a myriad of themes, including mental illness, trauma, and the supernatural. Through Christian’s journey, Williamson explores the fragility of the human mind and the enduring legacy of historical atrocities.


In conclusion, "Red Runs the Witch’s Thread" is a haunting and immersive read that will leave you enthralled. With its dark and atmospheric prose, Victoria Williamson delivers yet another standout addition to the genre. Fans of gothic storytelling and psychological horror will find much to savor in this chilling tale. If you’re seeking a gripping narrative that seamlessly blends history with the supernatural, look no further than "Red Runs the Witch’s Thread".

Our final verdict: