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Photo of author: Victoria Williamson Victoria Williamson, a lifelong storyteller and dreamer, is not just a children's author but also a dedicated teacher whose journey has taken her across Africa, China, America, and the UK. Her childhood in Kirkintilloch, north Glasgow, surrounded by hills and a forest estate, served as the fertile ground for her early ghost stories and fantasy tales. Armed with a degree in Physics from the University of Glasgow, Victoria embarked on a series of real-life adventures. Her experiences include teaching Maths and Science in Cameroon, training teachers in Malawi, teaching English in China, and working with children with special needs in the UK. A qualified primary school teacher with a degree in Mandarin Chinese from Yunnan University and a Master’s degree in Special Needs Education, Victoria is driven by a passion for creating inclusive worlds in her novels, where every child can find themselves reflected in a heroic role. Inspired by her teaching experiences in a deprived area of Glasgow, where many of her students were asylum seekers, Victoria penned her debut novel, "The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle," an uplifting story of friendship between Glasgow girl Caylin and Syrian refugee Reema. Victoria's writing spans various genres, including fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and contemporary issue novels for Middle Grade (9-12), Teen, and Young Adult readers. Her narratives are often inspired by the diverse children she has encountered on her global travels. Currently, she is working on a Middle Grade novel delving into the challenges faced by a boy with ADHD struggling to fit into his new step-family and a spooky adventure novel for Teens, featuring characters with special needs, including deafness, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy.

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Title: The Haunting Scent of Poppies
Released: 01.12.2023
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