Suburban Luchador: The Cul-de-sac Chronicles by Philip Rivera

His minivan is his chariot. His mower is his weapon. Enter the whimsical world of suburbia's favorite underdog. Author Philip Rivera is a father to three, a husband to one... and a hero to all. When he's not fighting crime in his fighter-jet-cloaked-as-a-minivan, he can be found teaching high school and patrolling the 'hood for story material. He's the man who's making mortgages, meatloaf, and the middle-class sexy again. In Suburban Luchador: Memoirs from Suburbia, Philip turns his ordinary family, marriage, and teaching scenarios into offbeat and humorous slice-of-life adventures that collide day-to-day humdrum with imagination. For every mild-mannered, undiscovered underdog who thought they were the only ones envisioning daily life as a music video or an epic movie scene, this is a heart-warming and comically self-deprecating look at the wondrous, valiant and touching moments in our everyday lives. Tag-team with Philip in Suburban Luchador: Memoirs From Suburbia, and ride shotgun on a road trip of domestically epic proportions

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Release date: 07.04.2019
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