Root and Bone by Jessica Raney

Leona Monroe and her sister, Jewel Spencer, live in Ames, a sleepy little Appalachian town where nothing much happens. When it does, everyone knows everything—at least they think they do. The Spencer sisters have more insight. They come from a long line of Granny Women—healers, confidence keepers, and powerful magic wielders—able to see into the future, manipulate the natural world around them, and commune with the dead. When a girl is brutally murdered, it’s clear the local law enforcement has no idea what’s really at play. So it falls on Leona and Jewel to dig deeper into the mystery. In the middle of the investigation, strangers come to Ames who prove powerful and dangerous, setting Leona and Jewel at odds with dark magic, vengeful ghosts, and each other. With the help of a friendly spirit, the vast knowledge of their mentor, Granny Kay, and their own powerful magic, Leona and Jewel must work together to counter the evil descending upon their town. But their insecurities and fears prevent them from stopping another murder. They need to get it together. If their magic and sister bond isn’t strong enough, their town will fall to darkness along with everything they hold dear.

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Release date: 14.05.2024
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