Jessica Raney

Photo of author: Jessica Raney Jessica Raney, an author hailing from Houston, Texas, traces her origins to southeastern Ohio, where she began her literary journey at a tender age. Among her early creations were titles such as "Don't Vote for Walter Mondale," "King Bong and Rose," and "The Passing of a Pork Rind King," showcasing a penchant for quirky narratives intertwined with elements of humor and social commentary. After a detour into Forensic Chemistry at Ohio University, spanning two decades, Jessica rediscovered her passion for writing upon relocating to Texas in 2008. Since then, she has authored seven books, including her latest release, "Rack and Ruin," the concluding installment of her Appalachian-Supernatural-Noir series, which also comprises "Tooth and Nail" and "The Hard Truth." Her diverse repertoire extends to a zombie Apocalypse adventure titled "These Violent Delights," as well as two collections of short stories, "Oddballs" and "Dreadful Pennies." Additionally, she co-authored a collection of short, dark fiction titled "Tales from the Den: Volume I." Jessica's writing style is characterized by its fusion of dark comedy, horror, and the fantastical, appealing to readers with an affinity for the quirky and the spooky. Actively involved in the Houston Writer’s Guild and Writespace organizations, Jessica balances her writing endeavors with adventures along the Gulf Coast, accompanied by friends and her beloved pet, Gimli, who embodies the spirit of a cat, dog, demon, and baby all in one.

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Title: Root and Bone
Released: 14.05.2024
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