Bloodwork by Melissa Demirel

Timothy is a serial killer. He's also very lonely. He's a walking contradiction, and his psychological predicament doesn't escape him. Lynnette is a vampire. She's also a nurse. She, too, is a walking contradiction. When she unexpectedly answers his desperate call for company, they realize they could be perfect partners in crime, engaging in a few kinds of bloodwork at once, bringing out the worst and the best in each other. With Timothy, Lynnette starts to feel more like the dangerous bloodsucking demon she was always meant to be, without having to worry about saving lives. With Lynnette, Timothy's loneliness starts to feel like nothing more than a shadow from a distant and depressing dream, and he can savor the presence of someone so inhuman that they're not bound to disappoint him like other people have. The little deal the two outcasts make with each other should keep them both quite happy and satisfied with life—that is, assuming that Lynnette doesn't decide to make Timothy her dinner and Timothy doesn't decide to murder Lynnette for sport… And when they are both capable of being predator and prey to each other, that's a hell of an assumption to make.

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Release date: 22.02.2024
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