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Philip’s adventures as the Devil’s apprentice have changed him—in a good way. Although he misses his friends in Hell, he has made new friends in life.
But when the future of the underworld is threatened once again, Philip’s help is needed. Death’s Die has been stolen and immortality is spreading across the globe.
Philip throws himself into the search—and discovers a horrible truth about his own life along the way.

The Die of Death is volume 2 in The Great Devil War-series and winner of the ORLA-Award.

The Great Devil War-series is a humorous and gripping tale about good and evil, filled with biblical and historical characters, such as Judas, Goliath, and Pontius Pilate, as well as modern figures such as Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and many more.

The Great Devil War-series is a Danish bestseller, topping library and school reading lists among teens and young adults. The books have been published in more than ten countries and have won numerous awards.

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My review of The Die of Death

This is the second book in the Great Devil War series and I enjoyed it as much the first one, The Devil’s Apprentice.

The story continues where it left off in book one, with Philip a changed boy, no longer the “angel” he was at the beginning of his journey.

This time, Philip dies again for all intents and purposes and reaches Hell. He is greeted by Satina, a demon friend he made in his previous journey to Hell, that he had missed dearly. Thus he learns that he’d been summoned by Mortimer, Death himself to help solve a mystery and save Hell once more. Isn’t it funny how the fate of the underworld came to depend on the mystery-solving skills of an 11-year old human boy?

Joking aside, Philip is no longer the good boy who’d help anyone without expecting anything in return. His previous time in Hell has shaped him in ways that life on Earth had failed to. He’s more cunning and even strikes a deal with Death for his help.

During his adventures in Hell, Philip learns that immortality isn’t as desirable as one might think and that Death isn’t meaningless.

“Death isn’t an unfortunate consequence of life; on the contrary, Death is what makes life worth living. Men and women value only that which they might lose. Don’t you see? Without death, life is uninteresting and utterly meaningless.”

When something he discovers on Mortimer’s shelf affects him deeply, he strikes a bargain with Death and undertakes the quest he was brought in for: recovering the stolen die of Death, the die with a hundred faces that determines how many years every human lives, in exchange for a favor.

The story is intertwined with the timid beginning of a romance with Satina, his crush from the previous book and funny moments, such as finding out that the Devil himself had a statue built in his honor after Philip saved Hell, or having been a conversation topic between God, Death and the Devil.

“The words made Philip feel rather dizzy. The thought that God, Death, and the Devil had been chatting about him—Philip Engel from eighth grade. That they had agreed he could help them.”

There’s an interesting subplot going on with Grumblebeard, the lizard-like demon that guards the gate of Hell and because of that, we get to explore a little more of the underworld because it’s more than Hell down there. We take a short trip through Purgatory which is described with the same amount of detail as Hell was in the previous book.

The last part of the book is the most intense, everything goes haywire and our hero is in terrible danger. The biggest surprise is the character who saves the day, and I won’t give any spoilers.

There were many good, meaningful quotes from this book that I could pass for my favorite, but I’ll go for this one, by Ravine (which is secretly my favorite supporting character)

“I went for Lucifer’s soft spot. The hand that stirs the pot is the hand that rules the underworld.”

The Die of Death brings back beloved characters, some loathsome ones and delves deeper into the Underworld realm which is comprised of more than Hell. The world-building is as vivid as it was in the Devil’s Apprentice and Mr. Anderson puts his main character, Philip in a morally difficult situation and we get to see him maturing and making the right decision even if it pains him to do so. I expect nothing less from the next books in the series!

About the Author

Kenneth B. Andersen (1976) is an award-winning Danish writer. He has published more than forty books for children and young adults, including both fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

His books have been translated into more than 15 languages and his hit-series about the superhero Antboy has been turned into three movies. A musical adaptation of The Devil’s Apprentice, the first book in The Great Devil War series, opened in the fall 2018 and film rights for the series have been optioned.

Kenneth lives in Copenhagen with his wife, two boys, a dog named Milo, and spiders in the basement.






More about The Die of Death

I enjoyed reading this book as much as the Devil’s Apprentice, and I look forward to the next in the series. I received an ARC of The Die of Death, as part of the Blogtour brought to us by The Write Reads.

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