Dave S. Koster writes satirical fantasy and is a pretty fun guy to chat with. If you’re on Twitter, make sure to follow him. When I was doing research for my novel which was set in Alaska, Dave, who lives in Alaska, gave me some helpful insights and I’ll be forever grateful.

About the author

To his surprise, Dave mostly writes satirical fantasy and reckons himself pretty good at it. He also dabbles in satirical sci-fi. Dave is a research analyst by day and likes a good database nearly as much as an affordable bottle of blended scotch. Which is to say, more than you might expect and for reasons nobody else seems to understand.

Dave is an Alaskan. He grew up there and still lives there and won’t leave unless forced. He’s a species of urban Alaskan that likes salmon, sheefish, and caribou curry, but prefers to stand by while real outdoorsmen/women do the all mucking about in the woods with mosquitos and such-like. That said, he absolutely won’t turn up the opportunity to process the odd road-killed moose with friends.

In addition to living in the shallowest possible reaches of the Alaskan wilderness, Dave enjoys cooking, growing potatoes in trash cans, watching his family raise ducks, volunteering as a mentor with FIRST Robotics, and talking to his trees, which are bur oaks.

Wine Bottles and Broomsticks

After a short, lack-luster stint as a federal identify fraud investigator, Rick Basket finds himself reassigned to a unit his new Partner, Finton, assures him, hunts witches. Rick swiftly realizes that most of the time, they’re just witch hunts. Just as quickly, he learns that witches are quite real and he’s rather good at finding them, if not catching them.
Rick takes on his first assignment to catch a real witch, applying cunning he doesn’t possess and the fashion sense of someone else entirely only to draw the attention of more witches than is strictly healthy. After all, witches kill men, and women, that’s what they do.
Through a series of unbelievable and, for anyone but Rick, humorous mishaps, he discovers danger lurking inside nearly every pair of couture heels or little black dress.
Wine Bottles and Broomsticks is a light-hearted romp through the world of witches, witch hunting, and trying not to get caught first.


The Dark Queen of Darkness

Hexe, the Dark Queen of Darkness, sits at the top of a dark tower in a dark land and wants nothing more than to find her one true love and settle in the happy green country of Fairyvale to raise fat babies and maybe chickens. Against the advice of her magic mirror and with the reluctant help of her whiskey-drinking, pipe-smoking fairy godmother, Matha, she magically becomes the simple farm girl named Hannah. Her goal: Try not to get picked up by the infamous Prince Charming and settle in Fairyvale to find her one true love. She sets off with an assassin, who’s actually really a pretty nice guy, to find happily ever after. As with all good plans, it goes sideways, and after a brush with death, she’s joined by her trusty gargoyle minion, Melbourne, and her magic mirror. Hexe/Hannah’s adventure is a humorous, uphill battle through realities of relationships, domestic life, and finding true love before learning the truth of the fairytale ending.

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