Today I bring you another awesome book recommendation: Rangers oath by Blake Arthur Peel came 5th in the BBNYA competition.


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From the back cover

The barrier between worlds is broken. Only he knows the truth…

Magic has protected Tarsynium for a thousand years, shielding its people from being ravaged by bloodthirsty demons. When a young ranger’s apprentice named Owyn Lund discovers that the Arc of Radiance has been breached, he tries to warn anybody who will listen.

But legends aren’t supposed to be real.

When a village is mysteriously destroyed, rangers, mages, and rebels all point the finger, blaming each other for the demons’ brutality. However, Zara Dennel, a mage’s ward, has heard Owyn’s tale—and she’s inclined to believe him.

Together, they must prove that friendship is greater than intolerance, unity is more important than division, and that even the most powerful magic can sometimes not be enough.

Failure means the end of all things. A second—and lasting—Doom.

What are readers saying

“I had never read a book like this one before with rangers and mages. The rangers made me think of Robin Hood and the mages made me think of Harry Potter, but it was actually so much more than that.”—(Ellie) ReadtoRamble

“Excellent start to a new epic fantasy that is sure to become a classic.”—Troy Osgood

“I am more of a Sci-Fi fan than full Fantasy, but every now and then, I get captured by a good quality Fantasy story, and Ranger’s Oath definitely falls into that category. There is something different about the nature of this story, the feel of how it is written, that immediately captures you, and draws you in, and you find that a few hours later, you are half way through the book, and have lost a bunch of time.”—Jason

“A fascinating tale of two young wards; a ranger and a mage. I found myself engrossed in the vivid details through the whole novel. A new twist on the typical good vs evil.”—Christine Marie

About the author

Blake Arthur Peel has been coming up with stories ever since he was a kid. He inflicted his scribblings on family members and friends throughout his youth, always drawing maps in the back of notebooks and daydreaming when he probably should have been paying attention. It wasn’t until he was out of college that he finally decided to get serious about pursuing his career as a fantasy author.

His favorite stories have always been about good conquering evil, about fantastic worlds and wondrous magic systems. The works that have most inspired him are The Lord of the Rings, The Dragonlance Chronicles, The Riftwar Saga, The Stormlight Archive, and The Wheel of Time, among many others.

Blake was born and raised in Hemet, California. Nowadays, he lives in Tennessee with his wife and two sons.


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