Stolen by the Shadow King

Their marriage will save the world… if they don’t kill each other first. 

The king of the shadow elves.

Vicious. Deadly.

Maren’s new captor.

Dragged to the Underworld by the shadow king, Kynan, Maren fights to escape. But then she learns she’s the legendary seer of the underworld, that her power can help save the world, and… that the shadow king might not be the monster she once thought.

But before their union is made official, another lord steps in.

Trapped in a deadly power struggle with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Maren learns what true evil—and true passion—looks like. She learns just how much power is within her. And, the hardest lesson of all:

All is fair in love, war, and saving the world.


My rules for survival: Never trust a demon or make a deal with one. But trapped in the demon realm, I have no choice but to break both rules if I want to escape.

What’s waiting for me on the other side? A bloodthirsty god who wants to kill me—did I mention it’s my mother? An unforgiving fae who doesn’t care that we’re related and wants me gone, at any cost. And I have a debt to repay to the city’s most notorious vampire, who I gave the finger to—literally—during our last encounter. But I’m sure all is forgiven. Right?

My life is hell.

The False Ascendant

Ian beat the system, but he’ll quickly learn the real world wasn’t as safe as he remembered.

Threats are rising, placing Ian in the crosshairs of global conflict. Reunited with an old ally from the loop, he must prepare to take part in an international tournament where the most powerful practitioners in the world fight for dominance.

And unbeknownst to all, a calamity looms overhead—a continent-shattering trial that only Ian can stop.

The Menocht Loop Series is a best-rated serialized novel on Royal Road with over a thousand ratings and millions of views. Now it’s an Amazon best-seller.

Rejected Wolf

Five men have changed my wolf.
And I’m not sure if it’s for the better.

Being unable to shift, having been rejected by one mate, and trying to prove my worth in this new world, I’m finding myself nearing my breaking point.

With the fall of Moon Born Academy, things go from bad to worse.

Despite the devastation, there’s no time to lick our wounds. With a deadline to prove that I’m not the enemy, the mounting pressure to accept what I’ve lost, and needing to overcome an impossible feat, my futures doesn’t look very bright.

Revelations of the Tide

Can you have a future while ignoring the past?

In the follow-up to A Suicide for Spring, Christian and Elizabeth attempt a go at a future together while trying to run from their past, but some portions of their past prove harder to die than others.

When a chance encounter with a strange woman claiming druid ancestry unfolds during a beach getaway, the conflict between Elizabeth’s quest for answers and Christian’s desire to let go of the past could endanger their goal of living happily ever after.

Can they run from old dreams that now threaten to reawaken? Some things refuse to be forgotten.

Author J. Crayton Smith offers a captivating continuation of The Elizabeth and Christian Saga. This fast-paced urban fantasy thriller will answer some of the lingering questions from the first installment, while weaving the story deeper into lore as readers watch the characters move into adulthood, only to face new questions and challenges that tests the fabric that holds them together.

The Dragon Queen

My name is Isobel Drake. And my life masquerading as human is about to blow up, big-time.

I have a secret: I’m a half-human, half-dragon hybrid living in plain sight in the humans-only city of Yerba Buena. There are others like me, pretending to be fully human, in a world where dragons are exiled to reservations and face the death penalty if caught in a human settlement.

What the ambitious, charismastic new vampire king of the city wants, he gets. And what he wants is a steady supply of my blood–magically-potent dragon’s blood that allows him to walk in daylight. Oh, and he’s also running for mayor, against an anti-dragon, anti-vampire Humans First candidate.

Meanwhile, I’m being pursued by two attractive men–Claudio, my sweet and handsome human suitor, and Tam, my gorgeous but infuriating self-appointed half-dragon bodyguard. Claudio represents everything I want in a boyfriend…but he doesn’t know that I’m only half human. Tam has brought danger and chaos to my once-stable life, but he accepts me for who I am. I don’t have any secrets from him.

And if that wasn’t enough trouble, someone leaks footage of me shapeshifting into a dragon just as the pure-blooded dragons revolt against the reservation system that’s imprisoned them for decades. We dragon hybrids were created to serve as covert operatives in a new dragon war against humans, then mercilessly exploited as blood slaves by vampires. Now our time has come to serve our creators’ purposes.

On the eve of a dragon invasion, I and the other dragon hybrids living in the city will have to choose to fight for the dragons who created us or the humans who have accepted us as one of their own. And I will have to discover my destiny as a hew kind of dragon queen.

The Puppet’s Blight

A battle against rogue angels severed Coura’s connection to the demon Soirée, and she wakes to find herself unable to wield dark magic. Events continue to worsen when she learns of a traitor committing murders in the palace, though her companions’ faith in her falters when she reveals her past. Through the recovery and return to the capital city, Coura prepares to move on until an opportunity arises to reunite with her lost power. If she accepts, she must travel across Asteom to rescue those in danger from misshapen creatures, yet the cost for such heroics is unknown.

Can Coura convince her friends she is trustworthy despite being bonded to a demon? Will they uncover the traitor manipulating those in the palace before it’s too late? In the midst of their dilemma, what will happen when she seeks out the unnatural energy she once possessed?

The Faerie’s Secret

If the city of Verida is going to survive, it must have a queen.
Anastasia Fielding-Horne is the queen’s last resort to escort her daughter on a mysterious journey out of Verida. With no more than two hours to pack and a general idea of where they’re going, Stasia sets off with a select group of the King’s Guard, in a race against time as the Stone Elves are about to come pouring out of the mountains.

Princess Amber insists that all of this is absolutely necessary – despite Stasia’s growing skepticism – and the expedition finds that things are worse than they’d anticipated, as they approach the shadow of the mountains. Surrounded by danger on all sides, they’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep the next queen alive.

The Craft of Vengeance

As the black sheep in a coven of pacifist moon witches, Sabine Barlow never belonged. Bad things always happen around her, and her magic refuses to obey her command. The rest of the coven treats her like a pariah, but when a chance encounter leads her to Donovan, a sweet human who shares her interests in music, things start to look up for Sabine.

But when the gods give, they also take.

In a single day, Sabine loses everything, her coven, her family, and her home. Fleeing into the mountains to escape the slaughter, Sabine vows vengeance for those she left behind. Abandoning her coven’s belief of harm none, Sabine sets out on a dark path to hone her craft and kill those who murdered her coven.

The only light in her life is Donovan, who continues to call to her even as she descends into darkness. He is everything light and good, her one happiness, but can she find her revenge and still keep him? Or will taking retribution for her family be what costs her the last good thing in her life?

The Uncrowned Queen

Adventure. Freedom. Purpose.

Kinna Braunlin has craved these things her entire life.

A mysterious threat surfaces and the general prepares to lead a company to meet it head-on, finally giving her the opportunity to travel beyond the capital. Her heart soars with the possibilities as she secretly prepares her escape, but when the castle is attacked and her family lost, she is forced to run or be captured.

After being chased straight into the arms of the kingdom’s most infamous rebel group, she learns an unbelievable truth—she possesses magic, something believed to be fading from her world.

While she wrestles with her decision to accept a crown she never wanted and understand her own power, a darker evil lurks, pushing her to uncover a threat to her kingdom. Torn between two lives, Kinna must decide whether her duty to return to her kingdom will outweigh the desires of her own heart.

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