Once in a Blue Moon Chapter 4

Published 09 Nov 2018
by Anca Antoci

Once in a Blue Moon

This is a story I wrote back in 2012 as a FanFic for the TV Show Lost Girl.  For more info on the Lost Girl TV Show click here.

For those of you who are already familiar with the show, this story takes place somewhere between seasons two and three. This is Chapter 3. Click here for Chapter 1 or here for the index. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

“So, what’s her story, Trick?” Dyson asked while the gnome filled another pint of beer. Bo and Kenzi were also waiting for the juicy story.

“Well, she’ll be staying in this area for a few days only. She asked about the forest at the outskirts. She wanted to know if it’s been claimed.”

“What else?” Dyson hoped there was more. There was something unsettling about her.

“Not much. But she kept asking me about the forest, hunting season… My guess is that she’s running from something or someone. But other than that, she seemed pretty harmless to me.” Trick added.

“So what’s with the forest?” Bo asked.

“If she’s a shifter on the run, an unclaimed forest is a good hiding place. Once she shifts into her animal form, the forest will provide both shelter and food. She would avoid being seen and wouldn’t need money.” Dyson tried to explain.

“That explains the cold shoulder. She’s trying to keep a low profile…” Bo continued the train of thought and Dyson nodded.

“No, that’s definitely a bad move. Trust me, you do get noticed when you’re being bitchy!” Kenzi argued. She cast her eyes to the other side of the bar, Rain’s seat vacant. Kenzi searched through the crowd looking for the redhead, but couldn’t spot her.

“She’s gone…” she muttered.

“Well, she did say she wasn’t looking for trouble, so maybe she decided to leave before trouble found her.” Dyson gulped down his beer

and Kenzi playfully punched in the shoulder.

“Don’t be mean, she totally saved my ass today!” she added.

“How am I being mean? She saved you and you said thanks! Now move on! Whatever trouble she’s in, we don’t want it coming our way.”

“Wow. So the fact that she’s all alone, going to sleep and eat in the forest doesn’t bother you at all?” Kenzi asked, incredulous. With Dyson being a shifter, she expected him to feel some sort of kinship for the girl. She was taken aback by Dyson’s callous response.

“Kenzi, don’t be fooled by her girlish appearance. She’s not some damsel in distress. I’m sure she can handle her own. Besides, we don’t know what trouble she’s in. It’s much safer to mind our own business. And trust me, I already have my hands full when it comes to damsels in distress!”

“I can’t believe you said that!” Kenzi added feigning hurt by his words!

“No way…this one is so little, it takes two of her to have your hands full!” Hale joined in the conversation.

Kenzi’s mind went back to the way Dyson covered her naked breast with his palm when Trick came in. His hand was full, all right… She remembered the way her body reacted to his touch and how it surprised him, how she was trying so hard to distract herself while he was lapping at her wounds and how hard it was to remember how to breathe when his tongue made contact with her ripped flesh. He had stirred something inside her, a feeling that she was now trying to shake.

“Earth to Kenzi!” Bo woke her from her daydreaming.

“Yeah…” Kenzi answered reluctantly.

“What’s wrong?” Bo asked, softly catching on her mood change.

“Nothing, I’m tired… from the blood loss and all…” Kenzi trailed, trying to sound convincing.

Dyson’s eyes were intent on her every move. He caught on the subtle changes in her heart rate, her scent, her body language. He had a feeling he knew where her mind was.

“Hey Kenzi, what’s on your mind?” His voice low and sultry.

“What…?” Kenzi locked eyes with Dyson for a moment then looked away embarrassed. She had a hell of a poker face, but right now he caught her off guard.

Dyson knew he was right. Kenzi’s pupils were dilated to such an extent that her eyes seemed black, her usually pale cheeks were flustered, she was definitely aroused. And he knew why. Watching her squirm was entertaining.

“What was that all about?” Bo asked pointing at the two of them. Something was definitely off.

Dyson shrugged. Kenzi simply dismissed it with a flick of her wrist.

“Well, I know what it’s like to be on the run, to be on your own…I say she needs a friend right now. And I’m feeling mighty friendly these days…” Kenzi deflected.

“Kenzi, I know that your heart is in the right place, but I suggest you sit this one out. She’s dark fae.” Trick warned her from behind the counter.

“Well, Bo’s unaffiliated and…I’m not fae, so I don’t care. “

“You should!” Dyson spoke in a serious tone now.

“And why’s that?” Kenzi asked, feigning innocence.

“Because when you get in trouble…”

“If I get in trouble…” Kenzi cut him off.

“When you get in trouble with the dark fae, none of us will be able to save you! ” Dyson tried to make her understand the risks.

“OK, I get it!” Kenzi retorted without much enthusiasm.

“For your own good, I hope you do!” Dyson muttered with a sigh.

“Hey Trick, I’m just curious, this forest she was asking about…”

“It’s dark fae territory, so don’t even think about it!” Trick cut her off.

Kenzi feigned a yawn and stretched her arms above her head, “Boy, I’m so tired I could sleep for a week! Bo, are we going home, or you want to stick around some more?”

“No, it’s been a hell of a day! We both need some much-deserved sleep. Come on!”

“Bo, keep an eye on her!” Trick warned as he bid them a good night.

“I will. I’ll cuff her to my bed if I have to!” she promised with a wink in her direction.

“Bo, you know I love you and stuff, but you’re not my type!” Kenzi continued the joke.

“And what exactly is your type?” Dyson teased.

She looked at Dyson over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out.

“She’s going to get herself in trouble!” Trick said while wiping the wooden counter.

“I hope Bo keeps her out of trouble.” Hale agreed.

“If we check Bo’s track record…She’s always in some sort of trouble!” Dyson snorted.

“So, what do you suggest we should do?” Hale asked, turning his head to look at Dyson.

“Keep an eye on those two. I have a feeling that Kenzi is cooking up a plan… and Bo is going to be a supporting friend and back her up.” Dyson said wishing he was wrong.

He wasn’t wrong. Kenzi couldn’t forget the forlorn look on Rain’s face. She was tired to be on the run and Kenzi understood that better than anyone else. It was the kind of experience she could relate to and she wanted to help.

“Spill Kenz!” Bo said while driving home.


“Come on. Don’t play that game with me. I’ve known you for how long? You don’t give up easily. So cut the bullshit, and tell me the plan.” Bo could see through her.

“All right. I don’t have a plan yet, so let’s make one!” Kenzi said knowing that Bo would help.

“Let’s make a good one because I’m tired of getting my ass kicked!” Bo snorted.

Kenzi sat in the passenger seat with a big smile plastered on her face. Oh yeah, the wheels were turning!


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