Photo of author: N.E. McMORRAN N.E. McMorran is an award winning British-Cypriot autistic author, designer and teacher who previously worked at the BBC, as researcher and photographer, taught in London schools, and later founded and directed the Cyprus magazine publishing company AccessArts Publications Ltd. She currently volunteers with the National Autistic Society and facilitates the London based Spondylux Press run by autistic professionals to publish inclusive, neurodiverse books. She loves fixing and upcycling stuff and is learning to make her own clothes. The author's debut novel MOOJAG, 2020 NAUTILUS Award winner, reflects her experiences growing up, as a mother and home educator, and the journey to her late autism diagnosis. www.nemcmorran.co.uk Moojag’s illustrator, Chiaki Kamikawa, is a Japanese contemporary artist and curator based in Cyprus. Her works freely cross the boundary between reality and fantasy, and present historical elements and folklores with a touch of humour. She has curated many exhibitions in her own studio-gallery, as well as planning and running international art projects

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Title: Moojag
Released: 05.01.2021
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