Jobie Baldwin

Photo of author: Jobie Baldwin Born on the mean streets of London, raised by witches, Jobie walked into a tattoo parlour on her eighteenth birthday and was claimed by Alectrona, goddess of the morning. Known for her ability to wake others from slumber, Alectrona turned her powers to bringing long-forgotten gods and goddesses to life through Jobie's books. For many years, Jobie restlessly wandered the dangerous road between the Dark City and Magical Isle with only her two flesh-hounds and the laptop of purple fire for company. Somewhere on the road, some say in Sin City - others are certain it was in the Viking Realm - she married her outlaw-biker soul mate. Now they travel the road together. In places, the path is much overgrown, but she will not waiver from her mission until all the gods who wish to return to this dimension have successfully claimed their human hosts.

Books written by Jobie Baldwin

Title: Ink
Released: 06.10.2018
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