The Thirteenth Hour by Trudie Skies - Book Review

Published 05 Apr 2023
by Anca Antoci

Title: The Thirteenth Hour
Author: Trudie Skies
Released: 13.10.2021
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Trudie Skies' "The Thirteenth Hour" is a mesmerizing work of fantasy that captivates readers with its richly detailed world-building, intricate plot, and dry wit. The novel presents a complex and fascinating world, with twelve domains, gods, and mortal races all skillfully woven together.

The story takes place in Chime, a city where the gods cannot tread. Poverty and despair coexist alongside affluence in Chime, and the city is teeming with danger and desperation, cloaked in a veneer of urbane civility. Skies' subtle critique of the social structure and hierarchy is a standout element of the novel, as is her exploration of the concept of freedom.

The two main characters, Kayl and Quen, are from vastly different backgrounds and are both expertly portrayed. Kayl, a Vesper from Eventide who controls shadow and darkness, is an orphan raised on the streets of the Undercity. She seeks to protect other heathens from the gods she has forsaken. Quen, on the other hand, is one of the powerful and devout enforcers for the gods, known as Wardens. He upholds the gods' doctrines and ensures that the various societies in Chime do not clash with each other.

The intricate world-building is masterfully executed, with no exposition or info dumps to drag the story down. The author expertly feeds readers the information naturally, making it easy to get lost in the complex, thoughtfully crafted world.

"The Thirteenth Hour" is a complex, character-driven fantasy novel that balances plot and character development seamlessly. With its intricate world-building, captivating narrative, and engrossing characters, this book is easily one of the standout reads of the year. Highly recommended for all fantasy lovers.

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