Saviour of the Pack by Heather G. Harris - Book Review

Published 18 Nov 2022
by Anca Antoci

Title: Saviour of the Pack
Author: Heather G. Harris
Released: 04.11.2022
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Book Description

My mum told me I could be anything I wanted to be – and it turns out that I want to be an alpha werewolf. I’m finally starting to get a hang of this alpha malarkey when destiny sticks her oar in once again.

There’s a prophecy about me, and it’s time for me to find out what it says. So when my best friend Jess cooks up a hare-brained scheme to get hold of the prophecy through fair means or foul, I’m along for the ride before you can say ‘bail money’.

Getting my wolfy paws on the prophecy is only the beginning, though, because I’m not the only one aware of its existence. Some of my enemies will stop at nothing to prevent the prophecy from coming true. I’ve a battle on my hands, so it’s lucky that I have super soldier Greg Manners by my side.

I’m a pretty chilled-out alpha, but when unknown wolves slink onto my land and attack my unicorn, all bets are off. No one attacks my murderous little Ares and gets away with it.

Beckett Frost is coming my way with vengeance in mind; the black witch is still free, ready to steal powers and destroy lives; I have enemies piling up around me – so I do what any girl would do and call in my family, my weirdly Other birth family. I need allies, and fast, because war is coming to Home Counties Pack whether we’re ready or not.

Luckily, Esme was born ready.

Bring it on.

My Review

This third book in the Lucy series continues the quest for a remedy to the curse of the gargoyles and the black witch who kidnapped the children, and let me say, you will not believe who THAT turns out to be! That was probably the biggest plot twist of all. It took me a while to recover. To say that I didn't see that coming would be a severe understatement.

The most important thing for Lucy is solving the mystery of her prophecy that led to her parents' death. 

Many problems and questions were fully resolved in this book. Lucy and Greg's friendship develops and grows stronger. Later, Jinx and Emory make a cameo, which was exciting to read. Lucy's pack grows, and we uncover the significance of the prophecy that lead to her parents' deaths. This was a terrific and rewarding read.

Lucy and Esme are a fantastic dynamic duo. I love their moments, especially the 'lost in translation' ones where Esme takes Lucy's words literally, and the result is hilarious. As usual, whenever Esme makes a fuss about some human social thing that Lucy wants to do, Lucy tells her, 'it's tradition,' and then all's good.

The dramatic conclusion to Lucy's trilogy reveals that fate cannot be easily avoided.

I recommend this trilogy to any urban fantasy reader. The stories are fast-paced, filled with red herrings and challenging obstacles and the characters will grow on you. But don't get too attached to them because some will bertay your trust.


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