Revenge of the Beast by Jack Meggitt-Phillips – Book Review

Published 04 Feb 2022
by Anca Antoci

Title: Revenge of the Beast
Author: Jack Meggitt-Phillips
Released: 30.09.2021
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Today it’s my stop on the Ultimate Blog Tour organized by The Write Reads and I’m reviewing the sequel to Bethany and the Beast, a middle-grade fantasy book I enjoyed last year. If you remember, we thought Ebenezer and Bethany got rid of the Beast at the end of the first book. Well, it looks like nothing is permanent, not even death.

The Beasts Revenge, just like the first book, is filled with adventure, magic, humor, and wonderful illustrations. The story picks up where the first book ended and we see Bethany and Ebenezer adjusting to their life without the beast. As you might expect, nothing goes as planned and the Beast is about to make a comeback set on revenge.

The sequel gives us more insight into why Ebenezer is the way he is. The more we learn about his past, the better we understand the connection he has with Bethany.

Bethany is funny and annoying (especially in the first few chapters) at the same time, but I learned to love her. My favorite part of the story is when wants to do good just for the sake of it. Of course, to keep up with the spirit of the story, when Bethany and Ebenezer decide to be good for a change, but can’t quite figure out how they ask for advice, then go home to do laundry and eat soup.

All in all, this was a good read, with morally gray characters (and some pitch-black ones) with an unexpected ending. I look forward to seeing what happens next in this story!

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