Kill Your Darlings by L.E. Harper - Book Review

Published 04 Jul 2023
by Anca Antoci

Title: Kill Your Darlings
Author: L.E. Harper
Released: 24.05.2023
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When I first picked up "Kill Your Darlings," it was the intriguing premise that caught my attention. Written in the first-person point of view, the novel follows the journey of an author living in New York City who unexpectedly wakes up to discover herself inhabiting the body of Kyla Starblade, the protagonist of her fantasy series set in an alternate world. Armed with her knowledge of this fictional realm, Kyla embarks on a quest to save it, but soon finds herself entangled in a nightmarish struggle.

Let me begin by stating that this book was not what I initially expected. Rather than being solely a fantasy tale, it serves as a metaphor for mental health struggles. The author's inner monologues illustrate her depression and suicidal thoughts, and reveal her inner struggles..

The crux of the story revolves around the narrator's journey of overcoming self-doubt and battling inner demons. Consequently, the plethora of external threats takes a back seat in terms of the actual menace they pose to the characters.

What I truly enjoyed about "Kill Your Darlings" was its fast-paced and fluid writing, which kept the story engaging and never allowed it to stagnate. However, during the action sequences, there was an abundance of conversations, and I couldn't help but feel that there was an excessive amount of dialogue.

One of the novel's significant flaws lies in the extensive use of telling rather than showing within the narrative. The narrator explains aspects of her life outside the created world, delves into the culture and history of the fictional realm, and even reveals plot details that would have been better served through demonstration.

All things considered, "Kill Your Darlings" possesses moments of engrossment and intrigue. Harper effectively piqued my curiosity, leaving me eager to uncover what lies ahead for both the narrator and the fantasy world she has crafted. I also appreciate the overt commentary on mental illness embedded within the story. The pacing and emotional appeal could be better, yet it is still an enjoyable story..

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