A Thrilling Dark fantasy: A "True Winter" Review

Published 23 May 2024
by Anca Antoci

Title: True Winter
Author: Q.K. Petty
Released: 19.11.2022
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I can’t believe how many gems I discovered on NetGalley this year! I’m about to share with you an amazing dark fantasy that you’ll love.

True Winter is book one in A Series of Four Seasons by Q.K. Petty.

What made me request this ARC was the premise: a secret organization (The House of David) that travels the world to collect powerful artifacts in order to protect us all from the people that would abuse them.

The story centers around the House of David, a covert organization dedicated to collecting powerful artifacts and sequestering them to protect humanity. Eden, a member of the House of David, sets on a mission to recover the lost Chains of Peter, only to discover his half-brother Orion along the way.

Orion is swiftly recruited into the cause, and together they battle against Seditio, a sinister group racing to find the artifacts first. Eden begins to question his loyalty to the House of David and what their mission is really about as they go further on their quest. He also grapples with whether he made the right choice in involving his brother.

What I Loved

The fast-paced nature of the plot kept me engaged. Petty’s writing style is gripping, drawing readers in with intense action sequences and complex interactions between friends, enemies, and family members. The villains are menacing, and the narrative doesn’t shy away from dark and disturbing moments, which raises the stakes of the tale. One of the standout elements of “True Winter” is the theme of found family among broken individuals.

What Didn’t Resonate with Me

While the story itself is compelling, I found the pacing challenging at times due to the lengthy chapters. The book occasionally felt like a slow read, which made it harder to get through in one sitting. However, these pacing issues were offset by the overall intensity and intrigue of the narrative.


The concept of a secret organization working to protect humanity from powerful artifacts introduces a fresh take on religious politics, artifacts, organizations, and cults within an urban fantasy setting.

The theme of found family is particularly poignant, showcasing the bonds that form between broken individuals as they face together a dangerous and uncertain world.

Additionally, Eden’s internal struggle with loyalty and the true motives of the House of David adds depth to his character and the story as a whole.


Overall, “True Winter” is a captivating read. Petty’s fresh take on religious politics, artifacts, organizations, and cults within an urban fantasy setting is refreshing and engaging. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an entertaining and thought-provoking read that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

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