A Force of Nature by Janna Ruth - Book Review

Published 27 Feb 2023
by Anca Antoci

Title: A Force of Nature
Author: Janna Ruth
Released: 20.08.2020
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A Force of Nature by Janna Ruth kicks off an electrifying Urban Fantasy series set in Europe that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The story takes place in a world where nature spirits have ravaged cities, and the only hope of humanity's survival rests on the shoulders of the Spirit Seekers, a group of elite soldiers trained to defend against these malicious spirits. However, not all of the spirits are visible, making it challenging for the Seekers to win every battle.

In the midst of this chaos, we meet Rika, a homeless young woman who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a Spirit Seeker and spirit fight in Berlin. Rika possesses a unique ability to see and communicate with the spirits. Her actions during the fight catch the attention of the Seekers, who recruit her to join their team, much to the dismay of some of the members.

The character development in this book is exceptional, especially with Rika's journey from a homeless girl to a woman who finally feels like she belongs. The author's prose is excellent, and the narrative flows effortlessly, making it easy for the reader to get sucked into the story. The wordbuilding is solid, and the mythology-fantasy mix used to portray the spirits is absolutely fascinating.

One of the best parts of the book is the found family dynamic between Rika and the Spirit Seeker team, which is heartwarming and realistically portrayed. The tension and relations between Rika and the Seekers are complex, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the story.

Overall, A Force of Nature is a gripping and action-packed first book in a series that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next installment. With its unpredictable twists, solid world-building, and excellent character development, this book is a must-read for any urban fantasy fan.


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