Second Chance by Kyona Jiles

When Kinsley Preston is thrust into the supernatural world as a Vampire Shadower, she's handed a personal rescue her kidnapped aunt from the clutches of a malevolent vampire. This quest not only requires Kinsley to harness her newfound powers but also to navigate the complexities of her connection with the dangerously charming Beckford Alexander, deepening her understanding of what it truly means to bond with him as she ventures further into the shadows. Navigating a labyrinth of loyalties among vampires, shapeshifters, and humans, Kinsley finds herself at the heart of a fragile alliance. Her unique powers as a Shadower, balancing on the edge of human and vampire worlds, are the only hope to maintain this uneasy peace. Yet, with each step, she uncovers unsettling truths and the real cost of her power. The stakes are more than survival; they're about finding her place in a world where she is not fully human. However, one thing is evil should beware of Kinsley Preston, Vampire Shadower.

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Release date: 30.05.2024
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