Purrfect Magic by Samantha Coville

Magic is one thing. Three balls of fluff and fur are a completely different story. The prestigious and highly selective Jourdemayne Academy of Witchcraft only accepts twenty-five new students every year. But Harper Bishop has been virtually guaranteed her acceptance to the magic academy since the day she was born. One of the many perks of being the daughter of two legendary Warlocks. But attending the academy was never her dream. Magic, quite frankly, bores Harper out of her goddamn mind. She wants to get out, see the world, experience life in all its glory. Passing on the school isn't an option, however. So she arrives for her first day and begins the countdown to freedom. Until three tiny kittens start speaking to her telepathically. Which isn't normal, even for witches. Now it's not just surviving boring spell classes that Harper has to worry about. Something evil and powerful is coming to the Academy and only Harper and her magical kittens can stop it before it destroys everything in its path. What's the worst that could happen?

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Release date: 30.08.2019
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