Jesse and the Magi Vault by J.L. Madore

Being drafted into an elite, all-male academy of magik, monsters, and mercenary men was never the plan—but honestly, we had no choice in the matter. Maybe it was written in the stars or maybe it's merely the design of corrupt men out to trap us and kill our traitor of a father. Either way, the Gemini twins are in the house. Trapped by the wards of the school. Chipped and trackable if we escape. Pretending to be a dude in a sea of testosterone. Ohhh, the testosterone. Maverick, River, Jack, Drake, Kade, Chad... Whether lovers, friends, or enemies, with my powers unlocked, they call to something wild in me. Maybe this Magi world isn't so bad after all.

Photo for author: J.L. Madore
Release date: 07.06.2022
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4.54. (read)
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