Eye of the Ouroboros by Megan Bontrager

When guilt-stricken park ranger Theodora Buchanan gets too close to the truth of her sister Flora’s strange disappearance, the Federal Bureau of Reality intervenes to ensure that the otherworldly answers she finds never see the light of day… The National Parks Service Search and Rescue Team knows better than anyone that the woods surrounding the insular town of Mill Creek, West Virginia have a habit of taking people and refusing to give them back. They also know that when you find a door in the woods, you don’t go through it for fear of never coming back again. But Theo's tenacity, and her proclivity for sticking her crooked nose where it doesn’t belong, has caught the attention of the Federal Bureau of Reality: those who stand sentinel at the gates of the Infinite Corridor, where endless hostile realities converge. When Theo steps boldly through a door in the woods, she learns just how far they're willing to go in order to keep all its secrets locked tight - even if that means silencing those who stumble upon them permanently.

Photo for author: Megan Bontrager
Release date: 15.04.2024
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