Death Rites by E.A. Copen

Accused of murder. Hunted by gods. Low on ramen. After getting out of prison, necromancer and curio shop owner Lazarus Kerrigan has done his best to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately for him, fate has other plans. When a woman is found dead on his doorstep, Laz’s checkered past makes him the prime suspect, especially since he was the last person to see her alive. Lazarus will have to find the real killer if he wants to clear his name. That means delving into the magical world of vengeful gods, conniving fae, and powerful witches, a world that once shunned him. But more than monsters go bump in the night in New Orleans, and what Laz awakens in his quest for answers might just be more than he bargained for. Baron Samedi is back in town, asking for Lazarus by name. And when the Baron of Death calls, answering is a dangerous game. NOLA may never be the same.

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Release date: 12.03.2021
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