Bliss by Daniel Lawley

The world of Neta comprises of four floating islands beset by twin suns in lilac skies. When the ruthless captain Afton Orochi of the Stormkite and his pirate crew sack the village of Laan they unwittingly set into motion a change of events which will leave none of them the same. Armatrine Dupree, acolyte in the Order of the Pearl dreams of completing her showing and becoming a priestess. It is all she desires. Yet events conspire to rob her of her dreams and shape her destiny anew. With the guidance of her friend and teacher master Arlandus she must learn to make sense of the shifting world around her. When Mitrick Tenebris is killed he never dreamed what was waiting for him in the beyond. Now he must complete the bidding of a dark mistress or be lost to oblivion. Fates conspire and destinies intermingle and each must learn sacrifice to bring about a new world. “Fate is nothing more than the will of the cruel and monstrous upon the powerless.”

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Release date: 17.04.2020
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