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Philip is a good boy, a really good boy. So he doesn’t understand why he’s suddenly in Hell, handpicked to be the Devil’s successor. The Devil, too, quickly realizes that a mistake has been made, but he still needs to begin Philip’s training in the ways of Evil—and to bring out his dark side. Philip quickly makes friends and enemies in this odd, gloomy world. Meanwhile, he discovers an evil-minded plot against the dark throne…

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The back cover blurb gives you the premises of this story. Philip, a very nice boy is pushed by the school’s bully in front of a car and dies. Through a mix-up, he ends up in hell. We later find out that it was the bully who was supposed to die and go to hell.

Everyone is aware of the mix-up from the get-go, but there’s nothing that can be done. The Devil suffers from a mysterious illness and suspects will die soon which is why he needs to train an apprentice to take his place. He was expecting the school’s bully, who by his records was truly evil and instead has to make do with Philip who is such an angel (even his last name is Engel).

The Devil and his minions put Philip through several tests that he fails simply because he can’t even conceive to do something bad.

Fail, Philip! Again! Come over here!” A white finger waved him closer, and Philip walked shamefacedly through the gap into the Devil’s study.

In one of the tests, Philip has a banana peel in his hand while someone is approaching without paying attention. Philip throws the peel in a trash can and the Devil is disappointed.

“You’re standing on a street with a banana peel in your hand. A man is approaching you. He’s busy and not really paying attention.” Lucifer drew the curtain shut, and the man, the cars, and the street vanished. “What do you do?”
“I… I don’t throw the banana peel away?” Philip replied hesitantly.
“No, that’s exactly what you don’t do! Think again! Think like a devil, Philip!

While in Hell he is bullied by Aziel, a demon about his age famous for his pranks. Fortunately, he is saved by Satina, a nice girl-demon who befriends him. Needless to say, Philip has a crush on Satina. He finds out even demons go to school and school lasts a lot longer here.

Twenty-first grade? How long do you go to school down here?”
“One hundred and ten years,”

Through Philip’s eyes, we discover Hell and its inhabitants, we learn about their life and also about those who are there to be punished according to their sins.
The plot thickens when he accidentally discovered that someone intentionally poisoned the Devil. He and Satina go on a quest to solve the mystery before the Devi dies.
It isn’t until he starts doubting Satina’s motives that Philip can unlock his inner evil. But once he does, he is no longer the sweet polite boy everyone grew to appreciate. When he stops failing his tests, his horns, tail and bat-like wings start growing turning him into a demon, just like the others.
Will he still struggle to find who poisoned the Devil and save his life or will he just wait to inherit the throne and rule Hell?

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I loved reading this book, I was intrigued by the premises, surprised by the plot twists and happy with the ending. The author painted the Hell so vividly that I felt I was watching a movie as I was reading the novel. The characters were well fleshed out, unpredictable and true to their age. It was intriguing, immersive and well worth my time!

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