I loved Behind Blue Eyes, but the sequel, Fallen Angels is even better and it released TODAY! Another 5-star rating that I didn’t even have to think about. Behind Blue Eyes 2, Fallen Angel is a winsome cyberpunk noir mystery adventure (I just made-up this genre)

Title: Behind Blue Eyes 2, Fallen Angels

Author: Anna Mocikat

Genre: Cyberpunk, Dystopian

Publication date: March 24, 2021

Rating: 5


Olympias City is shaken by a series of unspeakably brutal murders. No one is allowed to know the shocking truth about who the victims are: Guardian Angels.

Someone is hunting the almost invincible cyborgs with the neon-blue eyes. Someone who knows their secrets and who uses a formerly unknown technology.

Promoted to Archangel, Nephilim is in charge of the investigation. It leads her into the underbelly of Olympias’ most notorious district, Oldtown, and also into the Inner Circle, where the elites reside.

Struggling with memory loss, Nephilim barely survives an attempt on her life.

It seems that the Guardian Angels have some very powerful enemies. If this wasn’t dangerous enough, the two other corporate global players, Rosprom and TogbuaXiang, scheme in the shadows to not only bring down the Angels but the entire city of Olympias.

Everything changes when Nephilim accompanies Metatron on a trip to Olympias City III, formerly Rio de Janeiro. There she discovers that nothing is what it seems and that Metatron is much more cunning and dangerous than anyone suspects.

Things get even more complicated when old friends from Nephilim’s past appear. Nephilim will have to decide on what side she wants to stand …

The Behind Blue Eyes saga continues!

My Review

If you’ve read other books by Anna Mocikat, you know she doesn’t beat about the bush much. Instead, she throws you in the middle of the action and lets you fend for yourself.

The story begins in the aftermath of a gruesome murder, and the victim is a guardian angel. That comes as a shock because they’re seen as invincible killing machines if you remember the first book. The worst part is the this wasn’t the first or the last.

“Although the Angels had been created to be living killing machines, their purpose was to protect and destroy. Protect the Olympias Conglomerate at any cost and destroy its enemies, no matter if they came from outside or from within.”

We meet new characters, a couple of police detectives who investigate the guardian angels’ murders. Their story intersects with Nephilim, and they agree to help each other solve cases.

Following the previous book’s events, Nephilim was rebuilt by Metatron, and her memory was erased, then she was promoted to archangel. She’s now loyal to him. Her new upgrades make her more powerful and dangerous than before, almost as powerful as Metatron. Anna, through Metatron’s voice, references the Pygmalion legend from Greek Mythology. He is obsessed with his creation, and it shows as Nephilim becomes knowns as the “Crown Princess.”

The story unfolds like a detective mystery as they now have a mystery to solve: who has the power to incapacitate the guardian angels, and how can they be stopped. The mystery will be solved, and it will be the best plot twist of the novel. I did not see it coming!

Character development is again outstanding. If Metatron is the ultimate villain you love to hate in the first book, Anna makes it harder to hate him in Fallen Angels. No, don’t expect him to be all rainbow and unicorns! He is not the good guy, nor does he try to redeem his sins. Metatron wants to rule the world, at least the Olympians.

Anna Mocikat constructed a world that’s so intricate and complex but described in such a compact, coherent manner that readers might not realize how much info she’s packed in.

Behind Blue Eyes 2, Fallen Angels has everything you need: multi-layered characters, fast-paced action, a mystery (or more), political intrigue, advanced technology (like you’d expect in any cyberpunk novel), gruesome murders, betrayal, and villains with redeeming qualities.

I don’t usually read cyberpunk as it tends to be too violent and graphic for my taste. What can I say? I’m a delicate flower! But I love Anna Mocikat’s writing style, and she writes complex stories, well-plotted and hard to put down. So, even though I sometimes cringed at the graphic murder scenes, I could not stop reading. The story ends on a cliffhanger that makes you worry for the well-being of the characters you became attached to. 

This intricate, fast-paced story of killer cyborgs and heartbreaking turns of events delivers a thrilling ride for cyberpunk SF fans. I can’t wait for the next book.

*This is the 2nd book in the series. To fully enjoy it, I recommend that you start with Behind Blue Eyes 1.


About the Author

Anna Mocikat was born in Warsaw, Poland, but spent most of her life in Germany where she attended film school, worked as a screenwriter and a game writer for several years.
Her “MUC” novels have been nominated for the most prestigious awards for Fantasy and Science-Fiction in Germany.
In 2016 Anna moved to the USA where she continued her writing career.
“Shadow City” was her debut in English in 2019. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina, and is a proud dog-mom of three rescues who assist her when she’s writing.

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24 Replies to “Behind Blue Eyes 2, Fallen Angels by Anna Mocikat – Book Review

  1. Fallen Angels , I will agree, is a better book than the first, mostly because the first book wasn’t that great. I did not like the romantic subplot in the first book. It was insta-love of the most annoying kind, and dragged the rest of the book down. I just think most of you are giving this book series more praise than it deserves.

    1. I appreciate your feedback, Kevin. I love Fallen Angels just as much as Behind Blue Eyes. The romantic subplot didn’t put me off. I suppose different people have different tastes.

      1. So do you just accept a romance between 2 characters no matter how properly it’s built up or not, or if it’s too in your face or subtle?

        1. I first got the book because it had an interesting concept with cyborgs, and I liked the first 200 pages of the book, but then it got ruined by the love interest Jake. I flat out hated this guy for ruining the book, and I really hope Nephilim does not end up with him. In fact I feel If I knew the love story was like this, I would not have bought the book. Anyway, I got cyber squad, so maybe that will be better, I really want to like this book, and I wish I liked bbe better than I did, but I don’t.

  2. Yes, we do have different tastes. If you liked the book more than I did, that’s fine. I won’t tell you how to feel. I will express my opinion on it, though. Sorry if it sounds too strongly opinionated. I usually am not as critical, but I liked this book less than I thought I would when I got it. Maybe the romance serves a purpose in the book, but I don’t feel the chemistry between Nephilim and Jake; that factor especially caused me to dislike Jake in book 1, although he is more tolerable in book 2, but those were scenes where he was not with Nephilim.

    1. So do you just accept a romance between 2 characters no matter how properly it’s built up or not, or if it’s too in your face or subtle?

  3. I do not like romance as a whole, but I don’t mind a little love story if it takes time to build up, I can feel the chemistry between the characters, and it does not take up the whole story, or go overboard. I’m sorry to say, behind blue eyes’s love story was a major fail, in my opinion. Now the 1st book wasn’t completely terrible; I really did like the good parts of the book. I think of the first book as a more of a 3 out of 5 star book. Book 2: maybe 4 out of 5.

  4. I decided I’m only going to get book 3 of behind blue eyes, and if it’s not that great, then ms. Mocikat at least loses me as a reader. I haven’t even gotten her newest book, Cyber Squad, even though it has gotten a lot of praise.

    1. Genuine question: Why do you want to read book 3 if you didn’t like the first 2 books? Life is too short to read books you don’t like with the hope that the next one will suit your taste. My advice (that no one asked for) is to focus on books/authors that you like.

      1. I guess that is a good question. I don’t 100 percent hate the books. They have a good concept, but they have that element that I don’t like that keeps me from enjoying them 100 percent. Book 2 was better than 1, just not by much in my opinion. I like them for being ok, not great. Maybe I’m just jealous that others like them more than me. Yes, I know it’s probably childish. I have gotten books by other authors whose work I like.

          1. Medium is important. If the romance is a side plot, it doesn’t really bother me but if I were reading a romance novel (which I don’t usually read), I would want a slow burn. I think the best part of a romantic relationship is the build-up. I like it when they have to face their demons, surpass the obstacles and actually work to earn the happy ending. I think there are two main reasons why people don’t like insta-love: 1. it’s unlikely to happen in real life, so it’s hard to believe it and 2. it takes out the fun part of a romance: the build-up. I don’t know about other people, but my own life experience plays an important role when I judge things. So, although it rarely happens in real life, insta-love is what happened to me. Long story short, I met my husband in college and we clicked right away. We moved together three weeks later. We got married two years later. We’ve been happily married for almost 17 years. I suppose my own experience makes it easier for me to accept an insta-love. I’m also a highly empathic person and in my experience, people with a lot of past trauma (which is also the case for Nephilim) are extremely vulnerable (and damaged) inside, despite the kickass front they show to the world. It makes sense to me that a character like Nephilim would connect so strongly to another character equally as damaged inside. Like calls to like. In real life, this kind of relationship is doomed to fail. For instance, this is why in AA meetings they advise against romantic relationships between two alcoholics. As far as Nephilim and Jake are concerned, it didn’t bother me the insta-love because of the setting and the storyline. First of all the romance isn’t front and center, it’s a side plot. In a dystopian world, two damaged people (who probably don’t even comprehend just how damaged they are) use each other and they feel a connection, a kinship. To be honest, it’s been too long since I read the book. I must have read another 100 books since then. I don’t remember all the details, but it didn’t bother me as much as it bothered you.

          2. You’re welcome! Do you mind if I ask how old you are? I’m pushing forty and I have a feeling you’re much younger than me. When I was in my 20s, I was watching a TV-show that was canceled and they wrapped it up in two episodes. It was rushed and didn’t make any sense. The fans were outraged. I was frustrated. That’s when I wrote my first fan-fiction and gave the story a more suitable ending. I’m not saying that you should start writing fan-fiction, but it worked for me. But I think the older I get, the less energy I have to get frustrated about stuff like this. Hence the advice I gave you. If something rubs you the wrong way, don’t waste your energy. Move along and find something you enjoy more.

      2. The truth is is that the books are ok 3 out of 5 star books. I feel they could have been better if the live story was written better, or not written at all. I don’t know about you, but insta-love is a sloppy way of writing a live story in my opinion. Now I am just seeing if book 3 will be better. If not, then I will give Mocikat’s books a pass. I think she is talented in writing the good parts of her books. U think she could stop with the bad parts. But that’s me.

  5. Just letting you know, I asked for the 2 cyber squad books for christmas. Decided to give ms. Mocikat a few more chances. . I will say that I just felt angered that the first book made the romantic subplot so underdeveloped and overused. I felt I was misled into buying a book I usually would not get. The romantic dialogue was also unbearable. Am I just seeing something that no one else sees with ms. Mocikat’s books?

  6. I am 39. Just turned it this past September. Not married. No kids. Don’t intend to get married or have kids, but I have a niece and nephew.

  7. In my opinion, the love story took up a good portion of the later half of the book. It felt like a romance novel pretending to he a cyberpunk novel, which is how I felt. Now I liked the parts that did not have Nephilim with Jake, but the scenes with the 2 was a chore to read through. I feel a different person is writing the Jake and Nephilim scenes. This irks me because the book without it could have been great for me, instead of just good. But like I said, Mocikat isn’t the only writer I’ve read.

  8. I have liked the 2nd book better than the 1st, but I have also liked the first shadow city book better than the 2nd. It seems there is a different level of good and bad in every other of Mocikat’s work, I feel.

  9. I know Mocikat can write a good plot, I just feel she has to subtract the negative parts. Well, I’m not a writer, so I don’t want to preach to a writer on how to write. Just expressing an opinion.

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