Varna Be Friends? by Joz Rhodes – Halloween gift for kids

Published 21 Oct 2019
by Anca Antoci

Title: Varna Be Friends?
Author: Joz Rhodes
Released: 02.01.2018
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From the Back Cover

Varna is a plucky little bat, who lives in a beautiful busy town. But it’s hard to be happy when all the other night creatures ignore him or call him names, just because he’s a little different. Then, one lonely night, wise Mother Moon suggests an inspired idea that could totally change Varna’s fortunes. And he sets off on a brave adventure, meeting all sorts of surprising strangers in his search to find a new friend. Follow Varna as he discovers a whole new world reveal itself amongst the familiar surroundings of his Whitby home.

My Opinion

I think this beautifully illustrated book is a wonderful gift idea for any child especially with Halloween approaching. It’s the kind of story parents read to those who are too young to read. Also great for those who are old enough to read it themselves because at 36 pages it’s easy to read. It sounds like an uplifting children’s book especially in a world where issues like bullying are way too common. Varna’s adventures could be the inspiration your kid needs to make new friends and to feel empathy towards those who have trouble making friends!