The wait is over! Pierced by Silver—Cover Reveal

Published 08 Feb 2024
by Anca Antoci

I've been talking about Pierced by Silver ever since I published the first book in Paranormal Misadventures, Midsummer Night's Curse. Now it's time to reveal the cover. Before that here are some details about my latest book:

Title: Pierced by Silver

Series: Paranormal Misadventures #2

Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Release date: March 21st 2024

Pre-order: Yes

Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Book description from the back cover

Where the boundaries blur between the living and the dead, the line between hero and monster is thin.

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, nestled amidst ancient forests and shrouded in centuries-old superstitions, lies the village of Vânători. A string of gruesome murders has left the villagers terrified, and the authorities baffled. Joining forces are Ella Martin, a witch with a hidden past, Felix Goia, a brilliant but haunted police inspector, and Radu Lupu, a mysterious police captain whose supernatural nature has the potential to unravel everything.

As the bodies pile up and the villagers’ fear turns to rage, Ella, Felix, and Radu find themselves caught in a race against time. The locals suspect one of their own to be a strigoi—a relentless force that hungers for blood. They must uncover the truth behind the killings, whether it’s a human monster or a strigoi, before the village is consumed by darkness.

However, their investigation takes a perilous twist when Radu, as a vârcolac, becomes the target of an unrelenting predator armed with silver tipped arrows. With their strongest ally out of commission, Ella and Felix must hurry to save him and stop the killings before Vânători becomes a ghost town.


*Based on Romanian folklore and mythology, the story follows the events of Midsummer Night's Curse, but can also be read as a standalone. Each book in this series features a new mystery that will be solved by the end of the story, but the dynamics between the characters may change and evolve, so I recommend that you read the books in order.

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Fun fact!

The wolf head on the cover is called Draco and was a religious and military symbol for the Dacians, an ancient people who inhabited what is now Romania and parts of surrounding countries (before we were conquered by the Romans 2000 years ago). It was a standard, typically made of bronze, that depicted a wolf head with an open mouth and a snake-like body.

The Draco held significant meaning for the Dacians in two ways: military and religious. It was mounted on a pole, carried by a standard bearer, and often displayed proudly during battles and religious ceremonies.

The Draco played a crucial role in uniting Dacian warriors and intimidating enemies during battle. The wolf head contained metal tongues that vibrated in the wind, creating a howling sound resembling wolves or dragons. Its wind-borne howl served as a psychological weapon against the enemy, striking fear into their hearts. 

The Draco also represented the Dacian pantheon, particularly the sky god Zalmoxis (serpent) and Gebeleizis (wolf). Both gods embodied power, protection, and connection to nature.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m telling you all that. Since this is the second book in Paranormal Misadventures, I’ll assume you have already met police captain Radu Lupu (by the way, lupu means “the wolf” in Romanian and it’s a pretty common surname). Just in case you haven’t finished Midsummer Night’s Course, I’ll avoid spoilers. Let’s just say it’s relevant to the story. There’s actually a Dacian legend of the Great White Wolf I drew inspiration from. I hope you’ll enjoy the pieces of my culture and heritage I included in this story.

Here's a large image of the cover art so you can see the Draco better.

Thank you for reading and supporting me on my writing journey!