Spotlight Tour: Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire by G.M. Nair

Published 14 Nov 2022
by Anca Antoci

Today I'm casting the spotlight on another semi-finalist in this year's BBNYA competition, Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire by G.M. Nair.

If this is the first time you read about BBNYA, let me bring you up to speed. 

BBNYA is a yearly competition where book bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors, ending with 10 finalists and one overall winner.

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Without further ado, let's get to the book details

About the book

Publisher: dSdF

Length: 300 Pages

Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery, Comedy

Age Category: Adult

Date Published: 1 April 2019

Title: Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire
Author: G.M. Nair
Released: 30.03.2019
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3.92 (read)
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Michael Duckett is fed up with his life. His job is a drag, and his roommate and best friend of fifteen years, Stephanie Dyer, is only making him more anxious with her lazy irresponsibility. Things continue to escalate when they face the threat of imminent eviction from their palatial 5th floor walk-up and find that someone has been plastering ads all over the city for their Detective Agency.

The only problem is: He and Stephanie don’t have one of those.

Despite their baffling levels of incompetence, Stephanie eagerly pursues this crazy scheme and drags Michael, kicking and screaming, into the fray only to find that they are way out of their depth. They stumble upon a web of missing people that are curiously linked to a sexually audacious theoretical physicist and his experiments with the fabric of space-time. And unless Michael and Stephanie can put their personal issues aside and fix the multi-verse, the concept of existence itself may, ironically, no longer exist.

Author Bio

G.M. Nair is a crazy person who should never be taken seriously. Despite possessing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, he has written comedy for the stage and screen, and is the author of the highly unlucrative Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire, which has received the 2022 IndieFantasy Fund Award and is a Finalist in the 1st ever Self Published Science-Fiction Competition.

The third book in the series - The Mystery of the Murdered Guy - was released this year and continues to lose money. G.M. Nair lives in New York City, if you can call it living. Am I right?

Twitter: @GaneshNair

Instagram: @NairForceOne