Paranormal Misadventures Series on Amazon AU

Published 09 Apr 2024
by Anca Antoci

Get hooked on the Paranormal Misadventure series today - chilling mysteries rooted in Romanian folklore, if you like these tropes:

  • found family
  • morally grey characters
  • mythical creatures
  • hidden magic in the real world
  • powerful artifacts
  • magic and animal companions
  • amateur sleuth
  • A detective with a haunted past

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When I got a review for Forget Me Not saying they would have loved to read something steeped in Romanian mythology, it got me thinking. Of course, I had to finish Chimera Trilogy first. But writing an new series based on romanian myths and folklore was always on the back burner of my mind. We may be known for vampires due to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” but Romanian folklore is a treasure trove of myths and legends. But how could I explore all that?

The final piece of the puzzle clicked when I wrote Blood Knight, which was supposed to be a prequel novella for the Chimera Trilogy. And it is. But at the end of it I was so enamored with Ella Martin—the runaway witch—that I had to write her own series. So, looking for a fresh start I decided to ship her off to Transylvania to get a clean slate among vampires. And that’s when her new adventure begins. While I did add a vampire or two so you can take comfort in familiar creature, the rest of the creatures add local flavor to the chilling supernatural mysteries.

Inspector Felix Goia, a human with a secret supernatural ability, hides his true nature behind a devil-may-care attitude that constantly lands him in hot water. Police Captain Radu Lupu, a charismatic leader, bends the rules to solve cases, causing friction with Ella.

Without her coven, Ella struggles to master her magic. Can she handle her powers and solve mysteries in a supernatural world?

Together, this unlikely trio tackles chilling mysteries rooted in Romanian folklore. Each book throws them into a new paranormal case, pushing their limits and forcing them to rely on each other.

Read this fast-paced paranormal mystery series if you love cozy gothic vibes, mystery, ancient secrets, morally gray characters, a detective with a haunted past, found family and a slow-burn romance.

Midsummer Night's Curse (Paranormal Misadventures 1)

Title: Midsummer Night's Curse
Author: Anca Antoci
Released: 20.10.2023
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Hunted witch Ella Martin seeks refuge in Transylvania, only to become entangled in a missing girl’s case with a charming inspector hiding a secret and a ruthless captain with a hidden agenda. Can they solve the mystery before the truth gets Ella burned at the stake?

Amidst the misty hills and ancient forests of Transylvania, Ella Martin thought she found a perfect place to escape from her old life. She’s a witch on the run from her coven and no one would think to seek her amid vampires at Count Dracula Inn. What could go wrong?

But locals don’t take kindly to outsiders, so when a teenage girl goes missing on the midsummer night at the inn, the villagers point their fingers at Ella. But then the handsome Inspector Felix Goia starts digging into her past, suspecting she must be hiding something. And the witch knows she must find the missing girl to get everyone off her back. If she fails, she has to flee before everyone finds out she's a witch and they turn on her.

Adding to the chaos, the recently appointed police captain, Radu Lupu, dove into the fray. Beneath his charming exterior lies a ruthless streak that few people have seen. They reluctantly work together to solve the case of the missing girl, and the jaw-dropping discovery they make leaves everyone speechless. Faced with magic, they resort to mischief to save the girl. But can they succeed in their paranormal misadventure?


Pierced by Silver (Paranormal Misadventures 2)

Title: Pierced by Silver
Author: Anca Antoci
Released: 21.03.2024
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When a vengeful blood-sucking creature stalks a Transylvanian village, leaving a trail of gruesome murders, Ella, Felix and Radu join forces again, and must face their own darkness to stop the carnage before Transylvania drowns in blood.

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, nestled amidst ancient forests and shrouded in centuries-old superstitions, lies the village of Vânători. A string of gruesome murders has left the villagers terrified, and the authorities baffled. Joining forces are Ella Martin, a witch with a hidden past, Felix Goia, a brilliant but haunted police inspector, and Radu Lupu, a mysterious police captain whose supernatural nature has the potential to unravel everything.

As the bodies pile up and the villagers’ fear turns to rage, Ella, Felix, and Radu find themselves caught in a race against time. The locals suspect one of their own to be a strigoi—a relentless force that hungers for blood. They must uncover the truth behind the killings, whether it’s a human monster or a strigoi, before the village is consumed by darkness.

However, their investigation takes a perilous twist when Radu, as a vârcolac, becomes the target of an unrelenting predator armed with silver tipped arrows. With their strongest ally out of commission, Ella and Felix must hurry to save him and stop the killings before Vânători becomes a ghost town.