Fanfiction stories

Published 01 Jun 2022
by Anca Antoci

Years ago, when the Canadian TV show Blood Ties (based on the Blood Books by Tanya Huff) got canceled, I wrote Until We Meet Again—a fan fiction story meant to give me closure. Although I wrote it for myself and didn’t expect many to read it, I was taken aback by the reviews it got. The fans were really disappointed with how the network handled the season finale after building all that tension between the characters.


Then one summer, while I was watching another Canadian show, Lost Girl,  and suffered from withdrawal in-between seasons, I wrote Once in a Blue Moon. This story was much longer, and I introduced a new character to keep the story fresh. This, too, got much love from the readers.


The positive reinforcements and support from these readers gave me the courage to start writing my own story. At that point, it was just an experiment to see if I was capable of creating a story from scratch. Fanfiction was easy because I got to play in a world with characters already created by someone else. So writing what became my debut novel was a challenge, but I wouldn’t have even considered it if I hadn’t written fanfiction first. It was a great exercise and a step in the right direction.


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