Chimera Trilogy - Prologue

Published 01 Jun 2021
by Anca Antoci


Eons ago, Chimera were peaceful people of different races living in harmony on Eden. Magic was coursing through their veins, uniting all the species until years of crossbreeding resulted in devastating results. Children born from mixed Chimera lost their magic. Shifters who couldn’t shift were seen as an abomination. Witches who couldn’t wield magic were useless. Gargoyles without wings were deemed unfit to be guardians. Thus the Elders who ruled Eden had to take drastic measures to save their species from extinction. All those born without magic would be cast aside and mixed-race relationships were forbidden under penalty of death. Only pure-bloods could thrive.


Through a portal sustained by magic, defective members of their society were exiled to another realm and forbidden to ever return home. Hence the human race was born and spread on Earth. Many generations later no one remembered where they came from.


But just like any other governing system, Chimera were not exempt from corruption. Therefore, not all those sentenced to exile were born without magic. Some of the purebloods needed to be silenced, so they were exiled with the rest. Cast on Earth, the Chimera separated from the others and formed a secret society ruled by a Council to protect their own.


Unlike Chimera, those born without magic, humans were vastly different from their ancestors with shorter life spans and prone to disease but increased fertility as if the Univers took pity on them and made sure they wouldn’t go extinct but instead evolve into a completely new species.


Through the centuries, the lack of magic pushed humans to find answers in science. Their ability to reproduce faster than the Chimera increased their numbers exponentially and they ruled Earth.


Out of self-preservation and spite, Chimera stayed hidden. They soon learned that humans killed what they feared. The Council created the Code, a list of rules meant to protect them.


Present Day

I was lost in the forest for days in a row, hunted by vampires, saved by werewolves and dreaming of witches. I thought I was human. I was only half right. It turns out there’s magic in my blood. Since my sister died I’ve been having nightmares about creatures I didn’t think were real. I was one of them. I since learned about Chimera and Shadows.


Shadows are humans with a twist. They have witch blood in their ancestry and although they didn’t inherit the magic they still have the ability to use it and can be trained to wield it.  What makes Shadows so special is their unique ability to be cloaked from witches.


You see, the Council has an army of witches under their command. They have detection spells in place and they know the moment one of their own has broken the Code. The penalty is death. Now Chimera live in fear of the Council and they despise all witches alike.


Gwen, my estranged aunt on my mother’s side, is a Seer, a witch who can see glimpses from the future. As a shadow, I have seer blood, too since I have visions in my dreams. Gwen leads the Resistance, a growing movement that opposes the Council and fights for freedom. With witches knowing everything, it’s hard to orchestrate an uprising. That was until they discovered Shadows’ unique ability.


Remember how I said Shadows were cloaked from witches? Detection spells use magic, which is why they don’t work on humans. Shadows are human enough not to be detected by witches, yet able to wield magic and fight against the Council.


The Resistance is raising an army of Shadows to attack an dismantle the Council. After learning I was one and befriending a witch, I joined the Resistance. My life went from depressing to exciting overnight.


I’m Rae Davis and this is my story!