Calico Thunder Rides Again by T.A. Hernandez – Spotlight

Published 18 Feb 2021
by Anca Antoci

Hey, friends!

I’m back with another spotlight for one of the BBNYA finalists in 2020. Calico Thunder Rides Again won 7th place in the BBNYA competition.

Title: Calico Thunder Rides Again
Author: T. A. Hernandez
Released: 05.11.2019
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4.18 (read)
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What readers have to say

“I LOVED this novel. Gangsters and a magical circus with griffins and dragons? I didn’t know I needed this in my life, but I did. I love the characters and the ending was fantastic.” —Amelia Nichole Defield


“This was SUCH a fun read!

Calico Thunder is one of my new favorite dragons, and I don’t say that lightly. I do have a soft spot for dragons, but it isn’t the kind of thing that makes me automatically love all dragons or all dragon books.

I LOVED this dragon, and I LOVED this book!!!”—Erin Sky


“Calico Thunder Rides Again is an adventurous story brimmed with risk, danger, and a little bit of romance. Readers will find themselves easily enchanted with Calico Thunder and many of the other spectacles that can be found at Strickland’s Circus!”—Rayleigh



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