Blood Knight


Ari hasn’t been a knight in centuries, but when a bleeding woman lands on his doorstep, old habits trigger his protective side.

A turn of events shows him Ella is not a damsel in distress but a witch who can fend for herself. With a bounty hunter hot on her heels, she has a hard time finding shelter, but Ari can help.

One fateful night, Ari comes across a fatally wounded man, and he decides to turn him. That goes against the Code of the Chimera, and it can quickly turn into a death sentence. Because no good deed goes unpunished, Ari needs Ella’s help to survive.

Will Ella cloak him from her kind before they unleash hellhounds to kill them both?


This is a prequel to Chimera Trilogy, leading to the events of Forget Me Not, but can be read as a standalone.