T.H. Lehnen

Photo of author: T.H. Lehnen T.H. Lehnen, an author with a profound appreciation for the enchantment of young adult and children’s literature, firmly believes in its inherent honesty about the magic present in the world. Through Aspen & Thorn Press, he crafts young adult fantasy tales tailored for both children with wisdom beyond their years and adults who cherish the innocence of youth. Residing in Portland, OR, T.H. Lehnen pursued his passion for storytelling after studying creative writing, philosophy, and English literature at Reed College. When he's not immersed in writing, he can be found exploring his fascination with both mechanical and digital machinery, though he admits he has yet to discover a way to transport a sports car through a wardrobe.

Books written by T.H. Lehnen

Title: Fog & Fireflies
Released: 11.04.2024
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