Sfarda L. Gül

Photo of author: Sfarda L. Gül Sfarda L. Gül, a pseudonym for an artist and writer known for her pretentious purple prose, began her creative journey in a police state. Her work is deeply rooted in the macabre and introspective, often exploring themes of the grotesque and juxtaposition. Influenced by her upbringing, queerness, historically persecuted mixed ethnicity, and a dark emotional disposition, Sfarda's stories deconstruct social ideologies and human suffering. Each narrative is unapologetically anti-authoritarian, decolonial, anti-cop, anarchist, and pro-humanity. Beyond her literary pursuits, Sfarda is passionate about ethnography, linguistics, filmmaking, and social activism. She dedicates her efforts to uplifting ethnic and queer minorities from her native Eastern Europe, SWANA, and Central Asia. Sfarda curates the independent publication Lacrimosity and Righteous Rage, which features a Substack newsletter, and she shares her insights as a YouTube video essayist on Anarchy on Page. Sfarda's debut novel, NON SERVIAM, the first book in THE HYPOSTASIS OF DISSENT duology, is set to be released in May 2024.

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Title: Non Serviam
Released: 07.05.2024
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