Sarwat Chadda

Photo of author: Sarwat Chadda Hi, thanks for checking out my page! What can I tell you? Okay, I was born and brought up in London and I write kick-ass adventures with a touch of the dark side. Coming up next from Rick Riordan Presents is CITY OF THE PLAGUE GOD (Jan 2021). It's a grand, mythological adventure about what would happen if an unstoppable disease should appear out of nowhere and infect everyone! Could never happen in real life, eh? For you YA fans (and who isn't one?) you'll not get light-weight thrills with either Billi SanGreal, the only female Knights Templar and heroine of THE TEMPLAR'S DAUGHTER series. I reckon a lot of my ideas come from my days of backpacking. I've travelled a lot, lived in Hong Kong and been from Mongolia to Ghana, from Nicaragua to India and seen a lot of weird stuff that I thought, "Hey, that would make a cool story some day!" And here we are, a long time later! So if you like it intense, with a healthy does of horror and dash of humor, check out my tales and sign up on my newsletter for news, secret writing tips and even a few competitions on

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