Rebecca F. Kenney

Photo of author: Rebecca F. Kenney Rebecca F. Kenney is an author renowned for her spicy fantasy romance narratives, which revolve around strong, sassy women and alluring men with haunting pasts. Her imaginative worlds feature a diverse array of characters, including pirates, warlords, demons, Fae, and royals. At the heart of her bibliography are captivating series like the "Wicked Darlings," offering steamy Fae retellings of classic tales such as the Nutcracker, Wonderland, and Oz. Additionally, the "Dark Rulers" series presents standalone stories set in a shared universe, while the "For the Love of the Villain" series offers genderbent fairytales. Beyond series, Rebecca's portfolio encompasses a post-apocalyptic vampire romance trilogy titled "The Vampires Will Save You," a demon romance named "Interior Design for Demons," as well as a dark mermaid fantasy duet and other tantalizing retellings. Represented by Eva Scalzo of Speilburg Literary, Rebecca resides in upstate South Carolina alongside her charming blue-eyed husband and two vibrant, spirited children.

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Title: Beautiful Villain
Released: 16.07.2024
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