Natalie Cammaratta

Photo of author: Natalie Cammaratta Natalie's life reached its pinnacle with a bookcase complete with a ladder and a texting rapport with her local indie bookstore owner. However, her journey took a new turn when she decided to forego coffee and alcohol, ensuring the necessary level of misery to fuel her writing endeavors. Natalie's literary voyage traverses an eclectic array of genres, marked by a blend of witty banter and enthralling narratives. Her young adult dystopian series, Falling & Uprising, has soared to TikTok stardom, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline. From the intricate realms of science fiction and fantasy, where she is revered for her imaginative escapism, to the heartfelt and humorous lanes of contemporary romantic comedy, Natalie's upcoming debut in 2025 under the pseudonym Natalie Acosta promises to enchant readers with its charm and wit.

Books written by Natalie Cammaratta

Title: Princess of Air
Released: 11.06.2024
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