Lindsay Lovise

Photo of author: Lindsay Lovise Lindsay is an author who specializes in crafting historical and paranormal romances infused with brave heroines and tantalizing mysteries. Armed with degrees in English and teaching, Lindsay's lifelong passion for storytelling was inevitably steered toward tales of love and adventure. Outside the realm of writing, Lindsay can often be found immersed in the pages of a romance novel, savoring a cup of coffee, and skillfully evading the ever-present laundry pile. While currently residing in New York, Lindsay's heart remains rooted in her native Maine, where the wintry climate provides the perfect backdrop for indulging in her favorite pastime of reading. For those eager to stay updated on Lindsay's latest endeavors, signing up for Lovise Letters at is the key to staying in the know.

Books written by Lindsay Lovise

Title: Perfectly Wicked: A Novel
Released: 17.09.2024
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