Leslie Vedder

Photo of author: Leslie Vedder Leslie Vedder (she/her) is a passionate queer ace author who finds joy in crafting fairytale retellings featuring adventurous heroines. Growing up immersed in fantasy literature, anime, fanfiction, and the enchanting world of the Lord of the Rings movies, Leslie discovered her true love during her high school choir days. Presently residing in Colorado with her wife and two adored house cats, Leslie finds solace and inspiration in the majestic landscapes of her surroundings. When not engrossed in reading or writing, Leslie indulges in her love for anime and sci-fi series, often venturing into the woods to imagine them as enchanted forests. She also enjoys revisiting classic video games, meticulously collecting all the Skulltulas in Zelda and all the Dalmatian puppies in Kingdom Hearts.

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Title: The Bone Spindle
Released: 11.01.2022
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